May 13, 2014

What A Catch

They say the captain
Goes down with the ship
So, when the world ends
Will God go down with it?

-What A Catch Donnie, Fall Out Boy

As the saying goes, life comes in clusters, clusters of solitude, then clusters when there is hardly time to breathe. And I must say, I have to agree. Superwomen (and yes, I mean all of us workaholics, busyaholics, rushaholics and careaholics out there) feel much more comfortable with times when we hardly have time to breathe. We all so adept that we are experts on how to function under pressure and with deadlines hovering over us. These are times I believe, most of us (myself included) when we shine. Unfortunately, it is during the time of calm and potential solitude after a project or undertaking is finished that scares us. To be without deadline or a project strikes terror in our bones. Fortunately (so we would like to believe) we rarely have to deal with that terror because we have arranged our lives in such a way as to rarely have a "breather." But if we take time to notice, this ebb and flow in life has a reason. We need breathers. Our bodies need to rest up from our consistent adrenaline push, or it will blow up (not get what I mean...

As the sun shines and reaches a point that warrants a possible heat stroke and if you work from a room like mine which is directly in front of the 12nn-2pm sun (it's a sauna!), it is hard to breathe. Add that to answering emails, taking on projects and doing tasks for the things I am involvement- crashing is inevitable and unavoidable. I have felt myself get dried up like a raisin from the parching heat and the many things I have to finish that at some point, I think I have lost energy to go on. This is probably the reason why I made a proactive decision not to work during these times and have a swimming siesta instead- this explains why I have been having a chance to wear my bikinis more often even when I am not in the beach. I have my own 2-minute accessible getaway at home. I dive into the cold water of our pool and almost suddenly, I feel refreshed and hydrated and able to breathe. This decision was one that I am glad I made to avoid self-destruction. As I let myself get healthier (physically and psychologically), I begin to experience and treasure the "clusters' of my life and welcome them as examples of infinite wisdom.

The thing I find troublesome that in this generation, feeling overwhelmed is no longer surprising. Being surprised about it is, as busyness and being over our heads with commitment is the norm rather than exception. I find that it is no longer any wonder that we often feel overwhelmed. It is just that the "bills" and the price to pay for all the so called "necessities"  of life are more than we can handle and this is a condition that happens more often than not. And then... there are income taxes, estate taxes, changing deductions, investments, sales quotas, best buys, teeth cleaning, doctor's appointments, travel arrangements, and planning vacations... that is if we dare take one. Recent estimates on the rate of information processing tell us that every few minutes, we process information than was processed in a lifetime by those living in the Middle Ages. Now I am not saying knowledge is bad as I am all for living curious. However, this gives me an explanation why feeling overwhelmed is like a normal reaction.

Every day, it is nice to take a 1-2 hour break from e-mails, from messages, from the nagging red notifications on our Smart Phone screens... from processing information so that we can have time to process just being ourselves. It may come from an hour session of yoga, a coffee break, a short nap (anything where we can detach ourselves from the gadgets that we claim to have our entire lives in it) and just be. For me, it comes in the form of swimming, and as I go underwater and submerge myself into the water... nothing else's just me and this cluster of serenity.

Sometimes, it helps to know that I can't just do it all. One step at a time is all that is possible... even when those steps are taken on a run or slowly, or with short breaks in between... what matters is that I don't take myself for granted and just keep going...

Striped Multi-Color Triangle Bikini: Soleil Swimwear
Stacked Beaded and Cloth Bracelets with Watch: Shopaholic and Hubby
Two-toned Flip Flops: Banana Peel
Captain's Hat: Ebay

xx, JL


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