Sep 2, 2013

The Other Side

Cropped Embroidered Floral Top: Iconoclast Line | Trousers: Zara | Purse: Hermes Birkin | Shoes: Michael Kors | Accessories: Charriol

I have had quite a long blogging hiatus since I've been busy and I realized the backlog in my posts are piling up already. I do promise to try to blog daily and share with you my outfit choices for the different events and commitments I have. Compared to my last post, this is a more casual laid back look since I was attending a very casual business dinner meeting, and I just really wanted to wear an easy breezy ensemble. Plus, I ultimately love the combination of Blue and Caramel Brown, something I have never recovered from...



Case in point:

...and the list goes on. 



This is probably my safest color combination of choice when I get tired of wearing black on black on black...and if you do click the links, I think I have given more than sufficient proof. The strongest influence for my obsession for these colors started with Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2010 Collection which I blame for my obsession with this pairing. Something to do with the country/ wild west vibe and the earthy tones is what draws me to the combination.

Anyway, I had such a wonderful dinner that night and I just love spending time with people who are REAL and confident with who they are. I have always said that my lack for a filter often gets me in trouble (if my life were a reality TV show, I'd be the most bleeped character!) ...probably because some of the things I have to say are not what people want to hear which is why I appreciate a gathering with equally blunt people like me. It's just so refreshing to be in the company of people who do not pretend and who do not present themselves truthfully and honestly. It was as real as it can get and I, for one, absolutely had a marvelous time.

Christiane Northrup once said, "Toxic people...Research has shown that the emotional pain they create in your life is associated with tension, sickness, physical breakdown and disease." I dislike toxic and fake people, who malign and back stab, every chance they can get. After being surrounded by such people is comparable to swimming in a septic tank... it makes me feel dirty and full of filth when so much faking it is involved. I guess when you practice being real and not filtering yourself, you become more privy when it comes to noticing what is fake and what is real. As far as fake and violent sinister people go, allow me to Throwback Trash-day as I have no room for that in my world. 

One of the characteristics of people who live in a dysfunctional situation is that they develop an increased tolerance for insanity. I have seen this phenomenon in the battered woman syndrome (pun intended as I was physically assaulted). On the outside, people can see what it going on and say, "Why does she stay?" (I consider myself a lucky person for tossing this people out of my life and for this I won't use the 3R's: I do not reduce, reuse or recycle. I cut  and I cut cleanly. ) Inside the situation, perceptions are quite different. People ask me why I am such a cut throat person when it comes to erasing people out of my life and I guess all I have to say is I don't have time to have septic people around me... When people have wronged me so much, I just want to forgive people but I also want to forget them. You see, after a while of being around toxic people, you stop noticing the battering, the meanness, the put-downs and the rejections. All this negativity becomes the norm and your life revolves around such without you even noticing anymore. So much of our energy is taken up with survival that we have none left for noticing. One thing I learned throughout the years of betrayal from certain people is that sometimes, it is a good thing to step back and notice the toxic people in our lives. Sometimes, noticing and walking away from such people, is the best decision you will make. 

xx, JL

What inspired my look? 


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