Sep 12, 2013

Maybe You've Been Braiwashed Too

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I apologize for the lag in posts. I know I did promise to try to post daily but I find everyday life catching up to me and the work just kept on piling on. Also I tried to practice the art of filtering, a feat in which I failed terribly as I have been taught, to be real and probably because I am also one of those people who have been born with absolutely no filter. This is probably why reading about sociopaths and serial murderers fascinate me as I can never understand the psychology of keeping things in...of repressing... Suffice to say, and I have said it so many times, being passive aggressive is not my strong suit, which is why it bothers me when people tell me that they feel I don't like them... I always respond that I don't really know how to hide my emotions and that "to be honest, if I didn't like you, trust me honey, you're going to know about it." 


We have been trained to shut off and freeze our feelings. We have been told that feelings are weak and irrational and if we want to be successful in this world, we must be able to control our feelings- manipulate, hide, inhibit them. The problem I find is that the models for success are more often than not, persons who never have any visible feelings.

Yet when we do this and live by this principle, I have found out that we are making ourselves more vulnerable, not less. When we push feelings away, we never know when or how they will erupt, and if we can rest assured that it will be with greater intensity than if we acknowledged the original feeling the moment. 

Also, feelings are our natural, built-in alarm and information system. It is our feelings not our minds that warn us of danger, that tell us that someone is lying to us, and that tell us of the subtle nuances that allow us to discern differences and make decisions. Without this internal information system we can never truly be free. The rational person would argue, "I think therefore I am..." However, a more complete person should also recognize that to feel is to be fully free.

Everyone, meet my cat, Chloe...who is an absolute Queen. She is making her big debut in my blog and she is absolutely a stunner...

Never thought I was a "Cat Person"... but I have my boyfriend Andrew to thank for this lovely gift...

xx, JL

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