Sep 18, 2013

If I Ever Feel Better

Olive Green Leather Jacket: Wisdom | Gray Tanktop: Topshop | Orange Jeans: Zara | Sunglasses: Glimmer | Bag: Balenciaga | Shoes: Zoo Shop | Necklace: Ever New | Accessories: Charriol

Wearing fall colors of olive green and orange because it is already the peak of the rainy season back here in Manila and I was just being practical. I loved how the colors worked out and were neutralized by the gray/black undertones. Naturally, I had to step it up a notch by adding blinged up accessories since I am one to always, as you all already know by now, excessorize. This outfit was all about practicality... I had a lot of errands to run that day, not to mention 5 doctor's visits, so I needed a little pick me up via my outfit. Your day can suck, but you can always choose not to dress the part...right?


What we tend to forget, because of the abundance of people who try to bring us down is that we are powerful and with many skills. This is true even if, due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we don't always feel so powerful or skillful. We have strong bodies, strong minds and strong hearts that serve us well- but maybe all too well. When we use the gifts we have been given, the privileges we have been granted and those we have carefully worked to earn in destructive ways, maybe we fail to realize that we missed something in the common sense aspect of our skill building and self development.

See, Common Sense is knowing when to quit. Common sense is knowing that we are good and that we do not always have to go on life proving it. Common sense is listening to those parts of our being that are put there to balance intelligence, competence and determination. Common sense is rarely taught and is more likely observes. Common sense must be learned, acquired through years of living and is usually not genetic. Common sense is all too often discovered in old age and yet more useful when developed when we are younger. Common sense gives us the ability to utilize our talents while staying in balance. 

Common sense allows us to be constructive even in the face of adversity and knowing and finding comfort in the fact that we can't do it all, neither can we know it all...yet having the strength to push through and carry on.

xx, JL

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