Jan 8, 2013

Just For Now

 Photo Credit: Ira Giorgetti for Sartorial Fridays at Rockwell

Just For Now.

Fur vest: Mango | Tanktop: Topshop | Leggings: Mango | Bag: Vintage Italian Purse | Shoes: DAS | Accessories: Cultus Chi Chi, Forever 21, Loco Hermosa

 It's that time of year
Leave all our hopelessness's aside
If just for a little while
Just stop right here
I know we've followed a bumpy ride.
I'm sinking along your side

Just a quick post on last Friday's outfit which I wore for a wholesome night out with friends over at (where else?) Rockwell. It has been extraordinarily cold recently and I reckon that it must be the January weather or the fact that I just got better from the flu, which, I realized was the perfect excuse to wear fur. I named this fur vest, George, for no apparent reason just because it looked so much like what King George would've worn. Naturally, my friends were commenting on how I had to skin a racoon's fur to keep warm... but it's faux (or at least I hope it is....) Regardless of that, fur always has the power to add on a glam effect to any plain outfit, which in this case was a simple black on black on black ensemble, contrasted my silver, gold and bling accessories.

It was the perfect movie outfit. It was my idea of a great Friday night, granted that most people my age would prefer a noisier and tighter atmosphere, but recently (since I think November), I find myself having different interests than I used to. I am not sure if it is the age (maturity got the best of me?), the fact that I started early and thus had a lot to work out of my system or probably that I have just been more discerning on what activities to actually donate my time to, but more and more, I find myself veering away from the drinking, partying and clubbing setting and would rather spend time with people I am close to 95% conscious and for lack of a better term: sober. I guess it's just not me anymore to go all out or maybe I want to heal myself as maturely and as responsibly as possible. But since August of last year, I realized that escapism doesn't help solve things. Facing the problem and the emotional roller coaster: head on, guns blazing, is how we really should deal with our lives, and whatever it brings. It's a new leaf for me and I for one, am proud of the transformation. More so, this new lifestyle shift has empowered me to live as fully and as responsibly as possible, not for anyone else but for myself. 

My first realization of the year is that in every decision, action or choice I make, I have nobody else to be accountable to but myself and at the end of the day, when I am to reevaluate, I just want to make sure I like the person I have become...the person I am supposed to be...the person I always was.

xx, JL


  1. Hi JL. I just wanted to say that you look more beautiful with your hair down. I saw this pic on Rockwell's Facebook page and I was like "wow"! I never thought someone can wear fur and look classy (not trying hard). You know what I mean. Stay gorge girl! ;)

  2. So so pretty when you smile!


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