Jan 15, 2013

Beta Love

Golden light, turn away
If I run to you, would you stay?
I might be a prototype, but we’re both real inside...Would you take me up this time?
Come take me up this time
Cause I’m gonna find that place the way that I want

Top: Zara | Shorts: Zara | Earrings: Cultus Chi Chi | Shoes: Online | Purse: Chanel

Emerald Green, as they say is the color of the year. And I for one, am very happy because I adore the color. My soul and style sister Domz posted a look wearing the same top (our minds are in sync we shop for the same things without even telling each other) and I loved how she wore it! Check out her post over at Exceeding Expectations.

Now let me share my take on the look... I wore it with a pair of white shorts also from Zara and opted for a clean bun and a pair of statement earrings with peacock feather designed by my sister for her accessories line, Cultus Chi Chi. I went for black accents to finish the look.

A Closer Look....

Can I also just say how much I adore the back of this peplum top? It semi-sheer embroidered chiffon which is a subtle hint of sexy if you were to look closely....

I also opted for STRONG eyes and a pale lip for my makeup which I absolutely loved putting on. Do expect a makeup tutorial on this look soon.

Also, I have FINALLY succumbed to popular public demand and set up my own ASK.FM account...so if you want to ask me something--- anything (though please refrain from profanity and obscenity), ASK AWAY over at http://ask.fm/joannaladrido and I will do my best to answer ALL your questions. I have received some juicy questions but I am imploring everyone to please limit the questions to me, as I am VERY VERY protective of my family's especially my sister's privacy.

Now I know I am wearing something that is on trend this year but my point is the exact opposite. Let me share a favorite quote of mine which pertains to personal morality, something I think some people are forgetting about right now...

Lilian Hellman once said, "I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year's fashions." This says a lot especially since we are sometimes too immersed in things that we forget about the subject of morality and integrity. It is easy to lose yourself in the buzzerama and be swayed to talk negatively about people you don't even know. I have heard of some people doing this to me and all I have to say is, as long as I remain true to who I am and do what is right, it is no longer in my conscience to answer to what they have to say. One of the effects of being put in the spotlight and doing too much is that we gradually lose contact with our personal morality and we slowly deteriorate as a moral person. It is easy to see how an alcoholic or a drug addict is progressively willing to lie, cheat, steal or even kill or hurt the one they love in order to get a fix. But we are not so different. We are subject to moral slippage too. We will withhold information, lie, mislead or undercut others to get ahead. We are willing to compromise our morality and our standards to get to the top, to "fit this year's fashions." When we compromise our morality, it is important to remember, we are technically selling our souls and are losing the "us which is us." I take pride in place a high value on maintaining my integrity and morality. We need to recognize that this is one of out most precious assets and as such, is too important to treat lightly.

Just my thoughts.

xx, JL


  1. I love how you pull off this outfit! And I look forward to your make up tutorial video! :)

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