Jan 9, 2013

Hey Now Now

On the inside do you know what you're about? 
When I see you I wanna free you 'cos you're always freaking out  
We could be riding on the waves of an ocean, baby  
Flying to the beat of our hearts, 
I wanna make you a star
Hey now now, don't you know?  
It's not really that complicated

Top: H&M | Denim Jeans: Mango | Accessories: Ever New | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Shades: Prada

I've been rediscovering my love for denim jeans and the "casual" vibe and, I have to say, so far- so good. I forgot that at one point in my life I was practically in jeans everyday (flashback to: my college days where my daily uniform consisted of basically a tanktop from Topshop in different colors imaginable and denims). It's funny, really, how much my style has evolved through the years (there was a time, I think that I did not wear pants for a year or more) and it's NOW  that it's been 5 years since I graduated college (WOW...I am THAT old?), that I have decided that it was time to rekindle my obsession with skinny jeans. Talk about nostalgia, but as this outfit has proven to me- jeans are never out of style, they are forever comfortable as hell and I will now consider them a staple in my closet rather than a decorative part of about 30 pairs that hangs conveniently on and consumes 1/2 of my closet space allotted for trousers. Expect to see me donning on more pants and denim jeans in the future. Seriously.

I realize I am living my life fully (based on the past post) and rediscovering interests, options and preferences (even with something as simple as re-wearing denim again after 5 years, I see that I am more open to things outside my comfort zone).

 A popular saying that was as cliche and overused last year as that Gangnam Style song, is YOLO, which to the ignorant and self-absorbed (like me and Domz), means "You only live once." Not to hate or anything, but I find the statement which the initials stand for quite shallow and ignorant. People can quote me on this, as I have repeatedly said since May 2012 that I find saying YOLO is basically just an excuse people have made up to try to find logic and cause for exercising poor judgment and doing reckless actions. The thing people fail to register is that having only one life to live should be a push to seize the day (aka. Carpe Diem!), to be an important person by leaving your mark in the world and to live life as fully as possible, rather than declaring a two syllable word before making a very bad decision. 

Maybe I put a high value on that one life I was given, and maybe, after being near death so many times, just gives me a different perspective on life and how truly valuable it is.
 Maybe I see things in a different way. 

 Mae West, one of my icons, was correct when she said, 
"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." 

 Letting our lives happen is a more acceptable thing for me. Our lives are not set in stone, our life continues to unfold. We have options and choices along the way. Certainly, we have been influenced by our past and the many forces that have impinged upon us in our formative years. Yet we do have the ability to alter our present and our future. Fate is a process that continues to emerge. As we accept who we are, we have the possibility of becoming someone else.  

This is the paradox of life and of living. A thing I realized is that when I let life happen, I do feel better but when I do participate proactively in the happening of my life

 (rather than uttering a cliched expression to be able to misbehave) 


xx, JL

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