Oct 8, 2012

Power, Protect or Play? On XtremeMAC (Official Apple Accessory)

Manila, Philippines - Apple enthusiasts will surely rejoice at the wide array of products that can Protect, Power and Play your Apple devices. You can now be rest assured that each of your favorite gadget can be supported by products from XtremeMac.

Founded last October 2001, XtremeMac is a company based in Oakdale, Minnesota that creates and manufactures different support products for Apple devices. Since their launch, they have been known as one of the companies who first manufacture and release iPod accessories shortly after its debut. This reputation earned the company a large following of Apple users that looks into their wide portfolio of products for support accessories for their gadgets.

Since becoming a part of the Imation Corp.’s portfolio of brands, XtremeMac solidified their position as the consecutive sought after brand for full product line of accessories for Apple’s latest gizmos.


XtremeMac’s portfolio of accessories includes products that Protect, Power and Play Apple devices. What makes them the top choice of Apple enthusiasts is that their products complements an Apple device down to a tee. Each accessory boasts of the clean and minimalistic design that Apple is famous for, plus features and functions that perfectly works well with an Apple device.

Answering to the continuous demand of accessories for the current line of Apple devices, XtremeMac introduces a roster of products that protects and powers Apple devices of people who thrive in today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Professional Sleeve for iPad

Take heavy duty protection and pepper it with style fit for the sophisticated iPad and you’ll get the Professional Sleeve from XtremeMac. This case features a secure zipper closure to keep the iPad steady and safe; a “formed corners’ to absorb shock and protect the iPad inside; a zippered accessory pocket for additional storage, and completed with a stylish black exterior that can fit both casual and professional.

InCharge X3 Docking Station and Incharge X5 Docking Station

Take charging to the next level with the InCharge Docking Stations. These performance level docking stations can simultaneously charge any combination of iPod, iPhone or iPad devices. Its sleek design helps replace the clutter that numerous cords provide, without compromising its charging abilities. Each dock provides 10 watts of power each and LED status indicators, ensuring a quick and hassle-free charging for your devices. You also need not worry about toppling over your devices because the docking station is firmly secured with a rubber feet that provides a stable platform and rear support to accommodate device depth.

The docking stations are compatible with the new iPad, iPad 2, iPod Nano 6G, iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S.

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