Oct 9, 2012

Don't let me get in my zone....


Doctors say I’m the ill-est
Cause I’m suffering from realness

Bustier: Boosteeyay | Skirt: Bershka | Bag: Frou Frou | Headband: Naleigh Shop | Accessories: Glitterati

Got back into my groove and my rebel without a cause phase on a sunny Sunday afternoon for a product launch I was invited to over at Ronac Center which I attended with my ultra chic and snazzy friends aka soul sisters Kato and Dominique. It was my first time in Ronac Center... ever. And I was quite impressed with the store selection and of course the products and merchandise on display especially SUNPOCKET, the brand of edgy and hip sunglasses being launched that day. 

(PS: I loved every design and wasted NO TIME trying ALL of them on...See vanity photos for evidence)

I am quite the original rebel girl, what, with all my studs, spikes, leather and corsets---did you expect any less? I love going through the two extremes- I guess there's no middle ground for me... so its either all black and rocker or sweet and pastels. I decided to bring out my dark and twisty persona that day because its been a while and well, I was back in shape...and I really really wanted to wear my spikes and crosses. And that exactly was what I did...

Key Trend: Cross-Stitch

Cross prints are right on trend this season. Embrace Gothic chic in cross print apparel and stay on trend for autumn/winter.Team medieval cross print clothing with some pumps and tee for a casual look, for a dressed up look add some heeled ankle boots and a shirt.

The Event....
 Here is a behind the scenes look at Domz taking her outfit post... stay tuned for her military ensemble...

 My girls  and I in different clothing themes: Domz is a military maven, Kato is a peplum princess and I was all gothic glam...

 Doesn't Dominique Tiu remind you of Emma Stone in that one scene where she was working the hallway in EASY A 
(cue in the sounds)

 Sunpocket is a contemporary accessories brand
rooted in surf and ski culture. Its story traces back to the late 1970’s where Sunpocket’s signature foldable shades gained a strong following in the French ski community. Ten years later, Sunpocket had become immensely popular all over Europe.
In 2011 Sunpocket was re-launched. Building on
its legacy of innovative and distinctive sunglasses,
Sunpocket established itself as a brand known for
its style, authenticity and quality.

 2012 COLLABORATIONS: A Bathing Ape x Sunpocket

Sunpocket enjoyed massive popularity—on and off the slopes—with its foldable sunglasses during the 1980s. The formerly French brand was relaunched last year in Sweden, in sync with growing interest in vintage and niche shades. Sunpocket team up with A Bathing Ape for a limited-edition release in matte army green and polycarbonate lenses.

Available at:  
Store Location:
The Deck (4th floor), Ronac Art Center, Ortigas Ave., North Greenhills San Juan, Philippines. Store Hours: 3-9PM Tuesday-Sunday


Inspiration: Crucifixation

xx, JL

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