Oct 14, 2012

I Am Titanium

You shout it out,
But I can't hear a word you say
I'm talking loud not saying much
I'm criticized but all your bullets ricochet
You shoot me down, but I get up
I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium

Sequined crop top: Cotton On | Zipper pants: Mango | Shoes: Zara | Accessories: +RUCKUS

This was what I wore to watch David Guetta LIVE at the SM MOA Arena which turned out to be a VERY eventful but ultimately FUN night. It was a great night to unwind with my equally Titanium-clad friends who dressed in metallic silver and leather. (We were in theme and it was quite cute as we took the song Titanium quite seriously!) 

Some Photos from the night...

 Speaking of being bulletproof, let me share some lessons I learned along the way on my road to empowerment:
I always believed in being the bigger person. Case in point, I even shared to everyone this blog entry on how to react when your feelings are being trampled on... (Read the entry by clicking on this LINK: http://www.joannaladrido.com/2012/07/ten-things-to-remember-and-live-by-when.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter ). I guess I live by the "Innocent until proven guilty" school of thought which is why I choose to always believe and see the good in people, as I expect them to also first and foremost see the good in me. Call it idealism, optimism and faith in the human race, but I guess always trying to make excuses for people who treat you badly will take a toll on you especially since most of the time, people who hurt you just really want to destroy you. 

The thing I pride myself most is in my ability to admit when I am wrong and my ability to not fake anything. I am real when it comes to forging relationships with people and I am not one to pretend or act out being a victim just so I can get the sympathy "under dog" votes. More often than not, this blatant honesty and bluntness has gotten me into trouble and many times, it has caused people to call me a b*tch.   The thing about not giving a damn about what people think and just carrying on with being yourself is that you are always portrayed as being the bad guy, and given you don't really bother to explain yourself, makes it impossible to defend yourself from what people are saying.
I also choose who I allow to break my walls down, which in a sense does not make me the friendliest or bubbliest girl you will ever meet,  but I was raised with enough breeding in matters of social decency that despite this, I will never be blatantly rude or disrespectful to people I come across. Trusting only a few does not necessarily mean you are against everyone else, it's a safety measure-at the end of the day, as long as my "people" know the truth about me, then that's all that matters. Also, I am quite socially aloof to begin with and I am not one to be all fake and friendly when I am presented with a social situation I am not entirely comfortable with. In the first place, winning people's approval wasn't really always my life goal, my life goal is to be a good and real person, so that goes hand in hand with the fact that I will never sway people's opinions to my favor by playing the "victim" card. I make mistakes, I'm human and my ability to admit to not handling everything as mature as I would want to all the time is essentially what makes me real- not perfect, not victimized or not the bida in every situation. I don't live by the "kawawa naman ako" press release, even if, many times, I freaking deserve to say that more than anyone else given my situation.
The facts don't lie. What really happened, at the end of the day, will unfold itself in due time and whether or not people get the truth they deserve to hear, knowing the truth deep down, is, I must say, more than enough, especially if you remain true to yourself, your principles and your moral values.

Despite me repeatedly saying this statement in a number of blog posts, the hating seems to never end. I am so sick of all the backstabbing, the B.S. and the inappropriate gossiping that people can't seem to get enough of. Lies, as I discovered, are at the end of the day,  an essential part of public relations (something I have absolutely no  interest in partaking in) and it makes me so sick to see how people allow themselves to be consumed by this fakeness just for the thrill, cash and fame it brings (I started blogging even before it became a business and a profession. I never thought of writing "fashion blogger" as a part of my occupation because I blog not to earn money or endorsement deals but rather because I love doing it and I consider it more of a hobby and past time...it's not like my entire life revolved around it. I know well enough to separate  reality from blogging.) This no nonsense approach in doing what I do is why some people would probably think I consider myself above everyone, but the thing is, I never bothered to impose this way of thinking and approach to anyone else but me. I have utmost respect with regards to other bloggers, no matter what they do, after all, who am I to judge? I can admit to being flawed but do my flaws define who I am?, despite what  some gossip sites would say... I don't think so. The messed up part is just always much more juicier and fun to misconstrue, exaggerate, feed on and spread like wildfire. I will not stand for it and I will fight against it as much as I can- I don't care if I am perceived as an aggressive person- all I care about is that whenever I see injustice being done to people (other than myself), I will fight against it and I am damn well willing to put my name on it. Anonymous never was something I believed in... it's a euphemism for cowardice. 


This is why I think I want to take this time to call out certain people who have wronged me and the people I love and got away with it. I am so sick of people getting away with it. I never get away with anything, anyway and I take full responsibility over everything I say and do, so why the heck shouldn't other people? With regards to this, I am referring to that "gossip" site that has been non-stop bashing and berating me and other bloggers I consider to be near and dear to me. I have quite an idea on who is feeding it, what the motives of this site is and where all the exaggerated, totally untrue information are being sourced from. I won't blatantly say it out loud even if I am 90% sure with regards to the identity of who "YOU" are, on the basis that I do not want to defame people and out them without being beyond reasonable doubt. 

The thing is- you three trolls, I know what I know and I heard what I heard. I know the number you pulled on me when I was hospitalized and being prepped for surgery- and how you three imbeciles all got together over dessert (Who ordered this? Me! was the height of your stupidity since you tweeted yourselves using your fake accounts) to tweet me negativity by saying you "hope I O.D. and die  on the table" just because it gave you all a sad and sick, perverted sense of satisfaction to kick a person when they are already down. Who says that to someone about to go through a major surgery? WHO MAKES FUN OF SOMEONE'S SICKNESS and HEART CONDITION? And I'm satan-in-heels? It's sad how you think people won't find out especially when one of you confesses (the one who can't stop smiling from where she's sitting in Barcino that one night) to doing it- out of guilt? To save face? To protect your image? Because deep down you know how inhumane it was to poke fun at someone's sickness and illness? (I don't really care what YOUR reasons were to admitting what you did- the fact is the cat is out of the bag and what you have been doing and stirring up has been a circus!). I suggest you stop- stop spreading lies, stop hiding behind an anonymous blog and stop turning people against me or Domz and other bloggers who did nothing to you because you want to be sympathized with as the victim. The three of you are the mean girls and the three of you ARE the bullies. You know deep down how truly wretched and perverse you are. I don't know how you can live with yourself. And if any of you three would have something to say or spread about me, say it to my face- don't make up fake twitter accounts or Burn Books just to make a point across.  I WILL DRAW YOU OUT and once people see how truly wretched you are, you might not have anything left.

 Read betweeen the tweets. People are just so funny- for someone who admitted (I have a confession...I think was the opening line of her sordid narration) in what she participated in, you'd think she'd not involve herself in the tweets...

Live and let live- everyone's allowed to be free to be you and me and get over the hate. Just make a proactive decision to stop spreading lies about a total non-issue and to the two of you who are uninvolved, stop injecting yourself to a situation you're not part of...allow your friend to fight her battles on her own...she picked them anyway. 

Wheew. Anyway, I apologize for the very angry post- it was fueled by a weekend of nonstop negative energy. Now that I've said my piece, I hope this stops and I hope everyone can go back to living a normal life. 

xx, JL

PS: If being  "IT" bloggers means sacrificing my basic human principles and core values, even the most basic of all which is COMPASSION, then I must say No Thank You, and you can go and take the cake.


I love to SHOP at MANGO!

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