Nov 28, 2010

Nothing going on today

Beige vest: Mango
Tank top: Zara
Polka dotted shorts: Glitterati
Layered accessories: Glitterati
Shoes: Wisteria chiffon wedges from Topshop

Blogger's note: I apologize for the bruises. I have yet to find out the cause of my never ending bruising.

Last day of the Supersale Bazaar and I was just so lazy to dress up.
Who knew, there would come a day I'd just wake up and put on the most effortless thing I could pickup? (I hope it's not that obvious though, I mean I did accessorize)
Anyway it was a pretty sunny day so I decided it was just fitting I wear a very summer casual look of shorts, a safari vest and a loose tanktop. I did layer on my chain necklaces (a fave accessory of mine from my brand) and of course, my extra special black Wisteria wedges from Topshop which I love so much still. (I can't get enough of it!)

It was a fun day! In case you missed it, here's a photo of our booth in all angles...

Perfect way to cap off the weekend and I bought myself a lime green Herve Leger dress which I am so excited to wear (still waiting for an occasion though!)




  1. Sooo beautiful :))))))


  2. You really can pull anything off effortlessly! Gosh. I so love you and your style! I dig everything about this! You always make it on top of my I dig this! list. :)

    xx, Channie

  3. You have an amazing style! Great bag!

  4. you got yourself two different colors of wisteria wedge :) *envy*

    following you , hope you could do the same thing ms.joanna :) take care .


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