Nov 1, 2010

No line on the horizon...

Dress: Topshop
Floral Button Down Top: Zara
Purse: Bag designed by my friend, Audrey, available at SM Department Stores
Shoes: Wisteria Wedges by Topshop
Pearls: Forever21

Sunny days! I almost cannot feel the rainy season except for the occasional drizzle every now and then! I am not one to complain though since I love the sun! Since it was quite bright and shiny, I decided to go girly in a floral coverup (that I tied on my waist) and a lace eyelet sun dress from Topshop. I also have this in peach which I wore about over 4 months ago and you can view the link of that HERE. Since it was quite hot, I whipped out my pink Wisteria chiffon wedges from Topshop which I wear only when there's a low chance of rain (I hate it when suede gets mud..seriously!) Unfortunately it rained! So I was extra careful not to get it dirty!

Wore this to work, followed by a shopping trip with Patricia and my family over at the mall! Perfect way to unwind...and de-stress for sure!

Makeup: Fresh, Girly and Feminine
I used Pink Noveau Lipstick by MAC
Peachy Keen Blush On by MAC
Shu Uemura Foundation
Eye Shadow: MAC and Lancome

Hope it worked somehow!


  1. Beautiful :))))))))


  2. I love your shoes!!
    You look gorgeous

  3. Love this outfit! Your bag is amazing!

  4. looking so pretty!~! i really like your hair jl!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. love that bag, i always want to have that color everytime i go to sm :)

  6. adorable wedges !! the colours very cute !
    I want your wedges !!
    visit my blog >3

  7. Um I adore your wedges!! I had my eye on the black ones forever, but never gave in. Love them!! And you look flawless in these photos :)

  8. Nice outfits! :D

  9. I love everything about this outfit, most especially the shoes! And you are beautiful:)

    xoxo, amy


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