Mar 1, 2014

The Seven Wonders

If you are keen on certain trivia related things, you would know that most of my blog titles for my posts have been song titles or song lyrics... which somehow I relate to with my post. Since I started blogging (for fashion,specifically), magazines and people who feature me always ask me this standard question: "What do you do when you can't decide on what to wear on a certain day?" I can't even recall how many times I have been asked to answer this question seriously. I reckon it is indeed  a legitimate question to ask someone who loves dressing up and chronicles their daily style in such a public platform- after all, readers probably are interested in what comes to mind when we get up and have to pick out an outfit. Sadly, I have to say, like most people, we are not always inspired and as specific as we expect to be on a daily basis. 

Unfortunately, nobody has been able to yet develop a software that I've been praying programmers come up with similar to that of Cher Horowitz's in Clueless, where she iconically claims that she is just like every teenage girl..."I get up, I brush my teeth and I pick up my school clothes" were the exact lines (I have come to memorize this entire movie, I swear!) then we see a clip of her picking out what to wear via a touch screen operated program synced with her closet which fits the outfit on her (like how we used to play paper dolls but in a much glamorous way) and styles her with one click of a button: "DRESS ME." Forgive me if I seemed to have wandered off a bit there in dreamland but isn't that every fashion blogger's dream and ultimately- solution on days when we are feeling a whole lot less inspired? Sigh. Anyway, back to reality, I've found a more feasible solution which has worked for me... this has been the same answer to the question I have been asked for countless times and no matter how people reword it, my answer remains the same. What do I do on days that I can't decide what to wear? It's simple, really. I put my iPod on 'Shuffle' mode and whatever song plays first dictates the mood of what I wear. That is as true for me now, as it was back in 2007. I have to admit, music has a major role in my life and most of the time, I relate it to fashion because it does influence me, it does inspire me and it does save me a whole lot of time of having to contemplate... which believe me is a major relief.

Ironically, the title for this outfit post was not inspired by a song title but rather, an episode title of one of my favorite television series, American Horror Story: Coven called The Seven Wonders (it was actually the finale for the season). Naturally, music still had to somehow be part of the whole scheme as I later found out that the episode 'The Seven Wonders' was actually inspired/ based on a song of Fleetwood Mac which had the exact title and apparently Stevie Nicks actually sang the song on the show. While the role music plays on my fashion taste and outfit choices is indeed undeniable, for this outfit, I decided I wanted to wear something a little bit dark and twisty. I've been engrossed by the show and the fashion that I decided to play it up and have fun styling it up... coven-style and I think that this is so very apparent and obvious in the whole goth outfit... which my sister Dominique remarked: "Oh wow, all you need is a cross chain necklace and you're good to go on set," which I believe I am sure she knows for me is a compliment since I love going all out when I have set a tone/theme in mind. Now to those of you all who have no idea what I have been talking about perhaps because you do not follow the series, allow me to show you these images to give a rather visual explanation of the look:

I have to say: whoever said "INSERT COLOR HERE" is the new black is so long overdue a rude awakening. While I have long since declared myself "SUPREME," it took me serious guts and a major case of "I-lack-sleep-thank-heavens-I-put-something-together-last-night" syndrome. I do remember setting aside this outfit and styling it as is... what I do not remember was putting it on since I had an early call time that day (we left the house at dawn) to avoid traffic and to get some time to rest and settle in our Villa which we rented out for the weekend for The 7107 Music Festival. Apparently, despite functioning on less than an ounce of consciousness, I do still know how to put on a great ensemble and put all the right things in all the right places and while it was the most comfortable outfit to wear for the 3-hour ride to get there, which I spent mostly asleep with my eye mask on... It was also the most spectacular outfit to wake up to... refreshed, in a completely different environment and in a Villa a hop, skip and a jump away from that of Red Hot Chili Peppers' and well, all the international main acts of the music fest, which being the entitled person I am, blatantly asked the receptionist about... I must've done some voodoo mind trick on her as she was so willing to give me the information... what can I say...if you look the part, live I lived it up Fiona-style... And in her own words (I am a huge fan of Jessica Lange's), if you were to ask me what the point of this whole outfit was, allow me to break it down for you: "I'm going to let the whole world in and take a good look at me. The point is... in this whole wide wicked world, the only thing you have to be afraid me." Now how is THAT for fierce?

 Black Knit and Mesh Longline Bohemian Button Down Floor Length Cardigan with Corrugated Edge: | Black Sheer Lace Stretch Leotard: Topshop | Black Strapless Padded Bandeau: La Senza | Metallic Denim High-Waist Studded Shorts: Glitterati | Woven Black Elastic Belt: Forever21 | Multiple Layer Necklaces: Cultus Chi Chi | Beaded Hamsa Bracelets: My Collection and Therapy | Studded Combat Boots in Black: Zara | Black Wool and Suede Felt Wide Brimmed Hat: Zara | Ethnic Hand-Woven Hippie Hobo Sling Crossbody Messenger Bag: A'postrophe

I'll save more of the festival looks which are complete opposites of this outfit as I was channeling a indie-bohemian-eathereal-make-love-not-war creature instead. It was a complete 180-degree turn... but when it comes to me... you never know what you're going to see me wearing next...that's for sure!

xx, JL

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