Mar 8, 2014

Rebel With A Cause

"It's not that I'm rebelling... I'm just trying to find another way."
- Edie Sedgwick

I think that we live in a time of intense information exchange so rapid that it boggles the mind. We are constantly bombarded with new items, new scientific information, new ideas, and new possibilities. Too often we ask ourselves, "Where do I fit?" "What is my place in all of this?" As someone who is still finding her on way, I find that I often discount my knowledge and try to skew my information or my perceptions so that they are "acceptable" to others.  In doing so, I realized, I rob the world of my accumulated knowledge... because while I am sure that there are certain experiences and life events that happen to almost everyone, there are certainly much more that occur only to us and if we try to hide the lessons we've picked up to avoid the scrutiny of those who haven't experienced what we have gone through or those who have lived as we have. So we conform and try to fit in the herd, which I actually do not understand, because I think that all of us were born to stand out...molded by the things and circumstances that have happened uniquely to us and us alone. I think everyone sees things differently and as that is the case, accurate information from a variety of perspectives is absolutely essential. We have to realize that we do have a place... and what we have gone through is important.


Margaret Mead said, "I was brought up to believe that the only thing worth doing was to add to the sum of accurate information to the world." and I believe that all of us have our own contributions to make. However, how can we possibly ever do that if we just try to hide ourselves so we can please other people? This is why I find it quite odd that being rebellious is conceived as being a negative thing to do. Perhaps, all these years, we've all been terrified that we would be stoned to death if people saw through the facade... And although I am sure all of us have fought to have human rights so as not to consider being "stoned to death" as a humane capital punishment, I find that every time that we try to rebel, figuratively, stones are thrown our way- we are persecuted when we don't choose to act "like everyone else" and as much as we would like to think we've liberated ourselves, the truth is, when it comes to trying to find another way to live... we are persecuted.

When we don't choose to act in the socially accepted conduct and if we choose not to conform to the norm, we are labeled as "REBELS". Being a non-conformist, apparently comes with being seen as odd and dissident. Personally, I see rebels as iconoclasts- people who try to oppose the widely accepted beliefs and practices- and propose a new and different way, which most of the times, isn't bad for someone. This is why I wore this shirt loud and proud as I have come to respect the people who don't just try to belong. If everyone just tried to do as society pleased... perhaps we would still be living in caves. Being a rebel enables people a chance to learn and discover new things... then can you imagine what world we would be living in then? One that has no chance for change and innovation simply because nobody tried to be defiant. Rebel without a the popular movie title goes... Personally, I believe most rebels do have a cause... even if they just have not realized that yet and I absolutely love just how this shirt emphasizes that more than ever. I was absolutely proud to wear it, that's for sure, for movie time with the family, something I know for sure I cherish and always look forward to. I find that spending time with the important people in your life as the best way to spend your time and granted that I belong to a close knit and loving family, any activity I get to do with them is so important for me, I wouldn't want to miss out on these opportunities to get to do so. And so, here I was in a sweater and houndstooth skort combination...out on a Friday night with my family...not hanging out in a bar or club, as one would expect of someone my age... being a rebel with a cause. Now isn't that just grand?



Rebel With A Cause Black Sweater with Red and Silver design: Zara | Houndstooth Gray and Black Origami Skorts: Zara | Coquelicot Luggage Bag: Celine | Multi-strand Silver Spiked Necklaces: Cultus Chi Chi | Suede Strappy Shoe Boots with Golden Cross Zipper Detail:

Hair Extensions by: STYLD. Hair Extensions 

I assume that people like to think that I live such a glamorous life... the truth is: I try to make my life as simple as possible and living it the way I want to, even if it does not conform to what is accepted. It is far from luxurious, extravagant or lavished. Most of the time, it involves a lot of the knitty gritty...and no, I do not have a permanent spotlight following me everywhere, I am just being me; perhaps subject to more scrutiny but still grateful. I thought of how much time and energy we spend in impression management! We firmly believe that if we just dress right, others (especially men) will think we are professional, intelligent, competent, and in control. We believe that if we just dress right, others (especially men) will think we are attractive, sexy, desirable, and worth knowing, Funny how this involves the way we dress- such a physical and controllable variable. Then we think that if we are just caring, understanding, and constant enough someone will want to be with us. We have such terror that someone will see through our facade and discover (our greatest fear!) that there is someone else there. We have fooled ourselves to believe that if people come to know who we really are- they would have no interest in us. We have managed to fool ourselves that in making it appear that we conform, that we are just like everyone else; we have our enabled having impression management and that would would keep us safe. Of course, if someone likes us or finds us intelligent or falls in love with our impression, they aren't really loving who we are...they're only loving our image.

xx, JL
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