Aug 1, 2013

Night and Day




Dress: Suite Blanco

For day outfit look- Bag: Secosana | Shoes: Suite Blanco | Necklace: Ever New | Accessories: Forever 21, Girl Shoppe and Charriol

For night outfit look- Bag: Loewe | Shoes: Suite Blanco | Necklace: Suite Blanco | Accessories: Cultus Chi Chi, Forever 21, Ever New, Charriol

Fun Fact About Me: I never let anyone dictate how I should dress up (with the exception of my mother, sisters Katie and Dominique, of course) and yes, the exception does not include boyfriends. I used to but then I realized that if I am in a relationship with someone, why should I conform to whatever conservative ideals they have and sacrifice my style? It has been a bad experience when I've allowed other people to tell me what and what not to wear so I just do what I want to do and wear what I want to wear...end of story. I welcome objections but at the end of the day, I choose to follow my own gut feel. I find the timing of my fashion choice liberation quite purposeful since 1. I have grown up and been more keen to classic and conservative pieces (unless there's a theme, as I am a sucker for dressing according to theme) and 2. I've been less experimental and a bit more definitive in how I dress. My early 20's were perhaps my most bipolar in terms of the choices and chances I took in fashion and along with every risk, there were hits and misses... all such are documented in my blog since 2007 when I started my Chictopia blogging. My style has definitely evolved, along with everything else that does, with age. While I do hope I am wiser in how I shop and style myself, I will never let go of my versatility and need to have the occasional shock and awe worthy outfit. That's just me. Even age can't change that.

And so, it may come as a surprise as to why a certain trending topic has influenced my fashion choice for this particular day. To give you a background, someone asked me to buy Prada bags in all colors for someone else... I responded with my usual sarcasm and stated that I can only afford Secosana bags, and would gladly purchase all colors of the bag from the said brand for the said person. I  have always said that granted I am placed in so much scrutiny, basically everything I say is quoted and then misused against me. So the long thread of "how dare you's" and accusations of being an elitist began. 

For the record, I only said Secosana because that was the first brand that came to mind for reasonably priced mid-range quality bags that I know I can afford in all colors to give to someone I don't even like with my twenty-six year old income. I am not yet as financially established as my mother who can get any bag she wants- that I am honest enough to admit, and so I volunteered to name drop a bag brand that seemed to come to mind.
 My talent of having absolutely no filter has caused me 1. major backlash and accusations of being an elitist brand conscious bitch and 2. actually accepting a challenge (without as much batting an eyelash) to buy and wear a Secosana bag for an entire day and incorporate it with my outfit. To be quite honest, this whole no filter speaking-before-I-think thing has caused me quite a lot of sparks. But then again, I wouldn't change this trait for anything, even if it cost me a day working my outfit around a bag that I liked but would prefer not to use.

 This explains the whole dual outfit post- where I have both a day and night look since I wore the first outfit with the popular Secosana bag to work and changed to a Loewe bag for my monthsary dinner with my boyfriend over at Galileo in Ortigas. It's not that I am ashamed to wear Secosana in public, given that the fact I wore it during the day and thus making it gain more exposure than my Loewe purse. But it sure was fun to finally have a day to night look, something I have been planning to incorporate into my blog, and show how easy it actually is to transition with a mere change of accessories. This entry, I believe clearly illustrates that, among other things.


Another thing about me is that I am quite self-deprecating so when someone hates on me, I fuel their rage more by either putting myself down all the more or blatantly laughing it off to their face. I find that no insult affects me anymore and I take everything thrown at me like a grain of salt, added with a bit of cinnamon to spice things up. When you actually stop caring what somebody else thinks and turn an otherwise negative situation into a fun one, you win. So in this case, I am sorry haters, you lose. 

Should you have any future challenge, dare to wear or style request, do hit me up and as long as it is not indecent or against the law, consider my answer to be: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

xx, JL 

Blog Giveaway:

I said I was having 3 giveaways, consider this one of the three. Tweet/ instagram/ FB message or comment your name and email address along with your most original outfit idea challenge for me and I will give you this much-buzzed about Secosana bag for FREE. 

I have about 3 of these purses up for grabs so the top 3 ideas win.

Example: I would love for @joannaladrido to wear __________.
(Insert Full Name Here, Twitter Handle @______ and Email Address)

This competition will be judged by Dominique Tiu of so please inspire her with your answers. 

Giveaway will be announced on my blog, via twitter and via personal email. Top 3 winning suggestions can also expect a post of their challenged style in my blog.

Photos from our monthsary dinner in Galileo....



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