Aug 24, 2013

More, Now, Again

Peplum Top: Topshop | Shorts: Iconocasts Line by JL and Domz | Shades: Prada | Sling Bag: Vintage Italian | Studded Woven Flats: Zara

I must say, shorts are my go to bottom of choice as influenced by my FOSSIL Dominique Tiu who has quite the aversion for pants (something to do about allergies with the fiber of the cloth according to her). Anyway, I wore this outfit on the first day of the SuperSale Bazaar (the only day I went actually) as this was pre-beach mode. I decided to take the weekend off and enjoy the sun, sand and sea over at Pico De Loro. Since I love wearing flats, my woven black and white studded gladiator sandals were the perfect fit for the busy day.

I find myself quite speechless recently in my blogposts. The reason behind that is probably because anything I have to say, I already say in my which is why when I need to actually talk about any subject, I have nothing to say. The attacks have been more vicious lately and a partial reason I am wearing black is because--- I am in mourning. A few days ago, some sinister person sent me a funeral mass card (in my name BTW) which would've been a cute little funny prank if 1. I wasn't assumed dead 2. It didn't involve a Catholic symbol like a prayer card and 3. It was not about life or death, which I do not joke about. This person or group of people who sent this obviously hit the bulls eye in pissing me off but at the end of the day, I realized, I am very much alive and that at the end of the day, I am not the one doing wrong to anyone else. (In all honestly, I find people who have the time to waste to execute these silly things are sick in the head and are in dire need of mental intervention.) It would've affected me, if I gave a care about what other people pull off. It angered me, naturally and now, I am fighting against such because cheap digs and mischievous actions should not be left and pushed aside and tolerated. If anyone would know better, it would be me, given I put such an emphasis on the value of ANY human life. 

So there. I don't have time to scan through comments here so if you do have a question, hit me up in my ASK.FM and ask away...

xx, JL

PS: I have emailed all my contest winners. I will wait for your response so I can ship your prizes asap! Congratulations, loves!

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