Aug 11, 2013

In Defense Of Our Dreams

Spiked Detail Blazer: Zara | Leather Leotard with Zipper: Glitterati | Shorts with studs and fringe: Topshop | Bag: Glitterati Skull Clutch | Shoes: DAS | Army Tag Drip Necklace: Cuteture

I am one never to pass up on a great theme party... What can I say? I absolutely love dressing up especially when there is a predetermined theme for the attire on said occasion. Being one never to pass up on putting so much effort in an outfit, when you say theme, you can guarantee that I will show up dressed to the nines. As I am pre-programmed to be an overachiever and quite the competitive person (this is both a positive and negative trait, I reckon), I should at least get an A+ for effort. 


For one, I am one to make sure my outfit makes sense, rather than just piling up random pieces and passing it off as my #OOTD. I guess that's just not my style. Sure, I play it on the rather safer side but I find that I want to make a statement in pieces that make sense and are cohesive to a certain tone. I may say I have fashion bipolarity, meaning I dress up in totally opposing poles but when I go feminine, I go all out feminine and when I go all out rocker chic (as you can see in this outfit), I go all out rocker chic. What's the point of even wearing something or making a statement if you can't commit...right?

More than that, I find that it is a very important sign of respect to come in attire as indicated in the invite. I would know. I have thrown a lot of theme parties and events before when I was in my party girl stage and I have to say, there will always be that one person that won't come in theme. This night, it was all about military glam for MEG's anniversary party and instead of the usual camouflage, I went the other direction and went for the glam factor, first and foremost, then subtly added a soldier vibe via my studded shoulder blazer and spiked to nth degree lethal weapon 6-inch combat boots.

 The not so subtle element was this one of a kind army dog tag fountain necklace I have had for ages and still love until now. And since I already committed to the look, I decided to go all the way by matching my hair (sleek up-do) and my makeup (smokey eyes and pale lips) with the already fierce look. I wasn't into toning it down that night and I was absolutely glad for having decided not to.

Where did I wear this outfit to? Granted I don't dress like this on a daily basis (I generally tone down on the studs and spikes and leather ever so often), I decided to go all out and pull all stops over at the MEG 15th Anniversay held at Republiq last June 25. (Sorry for the major backlog on this post!)


Well MEG (a magazine that I must say was a must have for me back when I was still a teenybopper and actually until now) turned a year older, by recognizing 30 exceptional achievers under 30, and for the icing on the cake, they also launched Season 2 of I AM MEG: Own The World In Style, a reality show in search for the next style ambassador. It was a great bash, I have to say. MEG went all out in this celebration and I was so happy everyone committed to rocking their outfits, in true military style. It definitely was a call to arms, and a successful one at that.

xx, JL

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