Jul 5, 2013

Hey Jealousy!

Dress: Zara | Pearl Bracelets: Forever 21 | Bag: Marc Jacobs Stam Bag | Shoes: Zara

This was what I wore for my trip back home from Iloilo when I visited a few weeks back. It was simple and up to my whole color palette for the weekend (which consisted of nudes, neutrals and peach tones). Naturally I got a lot of flack for being able to only fly locally. This issue, I have come to realize has affected more people than it has affected me, considering I am the one involved. What can I say? People revel in other people's limitations and they bask in making people feel miserable about themselves. A lot of people have tried this on me, but in vain, always in vain... WHY? Well because I know how absolutely blessed I am and how one minor obstacle doesn't change that. My certain limitations are my crosses to bear, and through theology and formation, I have learned to love my cross and not resent it. I have learned not to be affected, I love my life, living in itself is a gift--- some people need to be reminded of that. 

I think people should regard their obstacles with joy, and carry their crosses not as burdens but rather, lovingly. It is so easy to complain and to nag about the things we don't have in our lives. It is also the easiest to compare our misery to the lives of seemingly less miserable people and see them and regard the lives they live with contempt. Why not me? is the usual creed of the people who usually do not see the beauty in their obstacles. When the comparing begins, so does envy and then the green eyed monster rears its ugly head and before you know it, it consumes you- you end up resenting people, bringing them down to feel better about yourself...but in the end, where does that lead you? Your obstacles still exist... denying them and focusing on the blessings other people have does not make them go away... doesn't it?

Sometimes, it's difficult to accept that the obstacles in our life are there for  purpose and that we have something to learn from them. Some of the obstacles seem so unfair and they are! There are still so many double standards operative in the world---what works for the majority often does not work for the minority (a category where I usually find myself in) . And it isn't fair..true...and we resent it...right...as we should. And while we are trying to change the situation, it is important to see what we have to learn from these unfair obstacles and move on. We don't like them...but ultimately it is up to us what to do with them.

I saw a couple of paper mache jars and I loved them so I just had to pose in them... 


My beloved Yaya Armi was there with me during the trip, as always, as well as my nurse but she was too busy to pose...

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