Jul 5, 2013

Day & Age

Red Skater  Dress: 37LA | Lace Navy Twill Blazer: Jessica  | Kitten Heel Shoes: Zara | Bow Navy Blue Belt: Salvatore Ferragamo | Woven Patent Leather Clutch Bag: Capaf (Handwoven Italian bags)

 This was a post long due as I wore it last June 12 (Philippine Independence Day) and feeling quite patriotic, I decided to dress myself up in red, white and blue- symbolic for our country's flag's colors. I added a bit of gold hardware to make it perfect to theme. I had a mini food-tripping-dependence day dinner with friends over at Lugang Cafe where the dimsum was delicious and didn't stop from being served, until 10 pm that is. It was a lovely night with friends and good way to celebrate freedom, with good, clean fun.

On Freedom: Someone once said, "We have not owned our freedom long enough to know exactly how it should be used." What an amazing thought. Some people make all excuses for their behavior and use the "because I'm free" or "because it's a free country" clause to get away with it, which is not right. Freedom, as amazing as it sounds, also entails a certain amount of responsibility. More so as women, we have struggled so much to become free. We have tried out various types and forms of freedom. We used to think we were free when we were the kind of women that men wanted us to be. Then we thought we were free when we could be like men and do what men did. The we thought we were free when we could treat men the way we had been treated. But that isn't exactly how freedom works now does it?

We thought we were free when we had access to things where we could reduce our lifespan through stress-related diseases. We thought we were free when we had made the team and were allowed to play games in which we had no interest. We thought we were free when we had money, power, and influence.


But the thing about freedom is that it does not come from a particular thing or aspect in ours lives that is changed. It may feel liberating, but it doesn't really translate to freedom, no does it? Freedom is a state of being and you'll only know you have it, when you really do. As for me, I'm still finding out where I am, but I like things from where I am standing. It takes time to grow freedom. We have time, still.

Happy Independence Day (even if it is a month late, I must admit and even if this post comes closer to the 4th of July)... it's the thought that counts.

xx, JL

Photos from our Lugang Dinner:

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