Dec 8, 2012

Beneath The Surface

Degrade me, my purpose
Bury me beneath the surface I'm scratching, I'm clawing
Trying hard to make them pay

Peplum Tube Top and Zipper Detail Trousers: Zara | Shoes: DAS | Bag: Marc Jacobs Stam Bag | Accessories: Jhajing, Loco Hermosa and Philippe Charriol

Before I get into the specifics of the outfit, let me tell you first what inspired it: I decided I wanted a peplum jumpsuit effect to my clothing of choice for that day and so I went all monotone in Zara on Zara (yet again) with the emphasis being on my 7-inch Baroque Carved heel shoes from DAS which are one of a kind, and well, rare as it is sold out now. I always love the DAS sisters and the way they design their pieces which is probably the reason why my shoe closet is piled with endless pairs of almost every design. I wore this on a Wednesdate meeting and dinner with my family which I really enjoy as they are my pillars of strength (not to mention: the loves of my life.) The cause for celebration that night; finally finding a business partner in my bestie slash F.O.S.S.I.L. Dominique Tiu who bought out 1/2 of the shares of Glitterati. I cannot wait to show you everything we have planned for you this Holiday season 2012 and for 2013 (and of course for the years to come).

Much to my dismay, I soon realized that I ACTUALLY did have a satin peplum jumpsuit from romper from Zara which resembles this look to the tee. Granted, I am forgetful of my buys, I was quite saddened when I discovered it in the multiple paper bags lurking in my bedroom. Oh well, I guess we'll have to save that onesie for another occasion. At least I saved up on an outfit due to my money saving techniques in innovation when it comes to dressing up.

How do I relate this to what I have to say? In the midst of all the crisis and chaos, let me quote Kings of Leon (the band that sang the song in the title of my entry), "Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game." I have to say, when I read this quotation I was quite deeply moved by it because while I do value the importance of money and do tend to be very stringent when it comes to spending, I honestly believe that it is not the end all and be all. Suffice to say, I believe in the saying that making a living is different from making a life. And I am hell bent on making my life count. So, I break the rules, challenge the norm and live life to the fullest. At the end of the day, we only have one life to live and I for one believe in making mine count.
Hope I made sense!!!! And I apologize for the long absence, by the way. I have been quite busy but do expect me to blog more regularly from now on.
xx, JL

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