Sep 17, 2014

Sweet Little Something

 There are times when I like to keep things simple yet feminine and fun. The wonders of dressing up in a monochromatic outfit are endless and it is all about in how you embellish. This time, I decided to keep the otherwise basic look more flirty and girly by adding a hint of blush tones because if anything- I am a girl's girl and well it seemed appropriate for Sunday dressing. I have to admit, there are some days that I feel just BLAH and that is when I have to remind myself that I have to be grateful. You see, as easy as it may be to point out every last thing that you currently do not have, there is ALWAYS something to be appreciative of. A lot of the time, we desire luxuries, situations, finances or people we can't have, completely forgetting about all the treasures we've been granted in life. Even I am no exception when it comes to this. There just some days you are tired and frustrated for no other reason except that you aren't feeling so well. Things to be grateful for having aren't always physical objects. While getting something you've been yearning or saving up for may be great, you simply cannot hold, text and download apps on a loving relationship with your Mom and your Dad, and having good health isn't shiny with nice rims on it... yet it is still most certainly worth being very thankful to have. There is nothing more  disappointing than losing something  or someone you have taken for granted and realizing then that you didn't appreciate every single moment you had it/them. This is why on days that I don't feel my usual cheerful self, I go back to this thought and get up, get dressed and try to be fabulous... there are so many things to be grateful for...and even I need to remind myself that... On days I feel like that, I put on a basic top, a good skirt, great shoes and a good bag and then I go ornamental. I think that's the first few steps in trying to go along...


White Midi Skirt: Details (Also worn HERE)
Pink Statement Necklace: Pretty Little Blings
Lizard Skin Antigona Bag: Givenchy (Also worn HERE)
Metal Edge Suede Pumps: Zara 
Watch: Rolex

There is a saying that goes something like this, "Be careful what you think, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful what you say, for your words become your actions. Be careful what you do, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of what becomes habitual, for your habits become your destiny." I understand, more than anyone that everyone gets down sometimes. The key is to recognize the instances in which you have the ability to change your attitude. Then you do your best to make it a positive one. All you need to know is where to start. As always, your thoughts will be reflected in your behaviors so if you can try to limit the pessimistic ones. Have some hope. Hope for the best even if you're one of those people who insists on preparing for a terrible outcome (like me!)... you have to wish for good things because if you are a believer in the power of the human mind, you know how significant visualizing and desiring things can be. Expect great, desire great and anticipate the things you want to happen because at the end of the day, you have to remember that you and your life are awesome. Seriously, all of us have our vices and issues to work through but if you look at just about anyone, you will spot good intentions, and a kind heart, even if they are covered in a layer or two of awful. Whatever rough time you are expecting may suck but at some point you have got to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and be awesome.

Speaking of awesome, I have to say that my hair hasn't always been the easiest thing to tame. I have always been an advocate of how your hair can make or break your outfit and there is nothing that I personally dislike more than a messy mane. I know that is easy to say but personally, I find that having lackluster name is never an excuse... no matter how bad you feel. Now my hair has been prodded and heated six ways to Sunday and unfortunately I have also not been such a good caretaker as I have exposed it to many elements that mat destroy it: hair dryer, iron, curler to name a few and when it's not hanging loose, I usually have it in a very very tight bun. Obviously that's not healthy. But granted I have extraordinary expectations for fixed hair, I am happy that I was able to have been introduced to Vitress when I was privileged to have been invited to the Vitress Catwalk Launch event where I was able to find the "cure to all hair mishaps" via the miracle product that I also refer to as Vitress Hair Polish.  
Now I don't usually swear by any hair product since I am very fickle when it comes to that. I refer to my hair products as situational and it depends greatly on the hairstyle I am sporting. I prefer to wear my hair straight, curly or wavy so you see the predicament? One hair style I will never be seen in though is messy and unruly. However, after trying out and using the Vitress Hair Solutions cuticle coat, I have to say, I am a convert. Now I find that I need to have it everywhere I go... and granted it is very compact and easy to carry around, I have no problem with that. The upside? I feel I don't need to damage my hair further by using hair appliances that require heat to tame my mane. Like in this photo, which would probably require about six steps to achieve, with the Now, all I need is to towel dry my hair, apply a small amount on my hair and almost instantly, my hair is tame, maintained and I can proudly walk around proud of my crowning glory. All courtesy of Vitress. 

Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL

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