Sep 10, 2014

The Perfect White Tee

"I've always thought of the T-shirt as the alpha and omega of the fashion alphabet."

-Giorgio Armani

Didn't he say it best? From one closet essential to the next... (this is becoming a trend already) but here is yet another post on one of my closet staples which is the plain white t-shirt. It is just absolutely a MUST! I can go on and on and on to tell you ways to wear it and I probably won't run out of styling tips because it is THAT essential. No matter what, every girl has got to have the perfect white tee and it is here to stay. The search for it isn't as easy though since it has to fit you perfectly. Thankfully, I was able to discover a brand that provides exactly that- called Sexy White Shirt and everything about it is just amazing: the fit, the sizing, the quality of the fabric... you've got to trust me on this... I am obsessed with it so much that I even styled it in such a way that I made it appropriate for the office. Yes, for those of you who don't know, I now go to the office and work as the Executive Director in one of my dad's companies. No, it is not an "ad hoc" job where it is simply a title I was given since I'm his daughter... the thing about my dad is he expects much so I actually have to work hard for the company and go to the office and attend to important matters. 

The Perfect White Tee: Sexy White Shirt
Leather Pencil Skirt: Zara
Military Style Olive Green Blazer: Mango
Bag: Givenchy Antigona in Lizard Skin
Ankle Strap Shoes: Zara
Pearls: Mikimoto
Of course, I love going to the office since I have my own room with three desks, one for me, one for my Executive Assistant and one for my personal assistant, Celyn. Don't get me wrong, we do work hard and hustle although being the noisy people that we are, we do laugh about random things... a lot and by that I mean...A LOT. But that's what matters right? Enjoying your work and being passionate about it are major factors for progress and let's just say that I am happy to be doing what I am doing. It's removed me from the superficiality of life that I used to be in and now, I have to say, my reality is very different from the reality of other people in this industry. However, I didn't exactly do a complete 180-degree change... of course, I utilize my going to the office as a perfect opportunity to dress up in stylish and chic business outfits... so technically my passion for fashion isn't sacrificed nor is it compromised as I get to use my creativity in coming up with the perfect attire and as director, I do not want to disappoint. Dressing for the part helps a lot. However, sometimes, you just run out of options. Granted I never repeat an ensemble or a look (from head to toe) but am okay with repeating separate pieces, then my options are limitless. On this particular day though, I wanted to take on the challenge and pull of wearing a plain white t-shirt as a business-appropriate attire and I think I did a good job on it. Do you agree? This is why I know that this article of clothing is a style staple since you can wear it in so many ways... all you have to do is get out of your comfort zone and try it. The thing about finding the right tee is that it provides you with a cool, casual ease. Truth be told, chic and simple is the best route to take sometimes. 

Now what do I have to say about finally finding The Perfect White Tee from Sexy White Shirt? Allow me to break it down for you: 1. it is inexpensive and perfectly basic; 2. it has hiqh-quality but is low maintenance and 3. it is also available in other colors. 
Now isn't that just perfect?

For those of you who need some information on how to find The Perfect White Tee (if you haven't already,) here are some tips:
1. Neckline must be perfect. I find V-cut necklines most flattering.
2. Don't go for too small or too big. It is not supposed to be hanging nor is it supposed to be as long as a dress. Too loose or too tight are no-nos.
3. Maximize its use for all intents and purposes. Wear it with your favorite jeans if you want to be casual for the day or if you are like me, you can use it to dress down a business outfit by pairing it with crisp pieces.

Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL

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