Sep 9, 2014

An Ode to the Little Black Dress

"One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” - Karl Lagerfeld

 The Little Black Dress is the most appropriate piece of clothing a woman can ever own. I say this because truth be told, here I am in another Little Black Dress. The last I wore one, I was due for court. This time, however, I worn one for a very festive occasion which was the Birthday dinner of my beautiful and amazing mother over at Sage in Makati Shangri-la Hotel. I wanted to wear something that looked festive but at the same time maintained the elements of class and elegance and this dress was the perfect fit. This dress in particular which was made of tweed on its top area with a conservative cut and silver detail was exactly that and then it took a youthful turn to fun with the organza and almost tutu looking skirt. It was everything I pictured to wear on an intimate dinner with family.

 I know it might be ho-hum when one refers to the LBD and I feel you. I get it. It is safe. It's kind of an "if it isn't broke, don't fix it kind of thing" (same goes for hairstyles by the way). But there is a reason why it is a mainstay and that is because it looks good. It might get boring... but I think that's when we have to rally up our creative juices and make it different and new. Black should never be boring. It is a closet essential because it is the dress that makes you presentable even on the mornings when you are hungover, in fluorescent lighting  and stuck in traffic on your way to regret city. I am not pointing fingers at anyone but well, maybe at me (been there, done that). It's happened to me many times before. There have been days I woke up extremely late because I pressed the snooze button in my iPhone alarm to submission. But then, there is that dress that will never fail you to look presentable and basically all I am saying is that you should make sure you have this dress and hold it tight (and adding on a few more to the collection won't hurt either) because it is near and dear and imbued with magical powers that until now baffles even the smartest of fashion-philes. 

Black Twill and Organza Dress:

Silver Crystal Pumps: So! Fab (Also worn HERE)

Silver Bag:  Bally (Also worn HERE)

I have always emphasized that no matter what you are feeling, you must not advertise it to the public. This is why I don't understand why being hungover/ depressed/ busy/ in your twenties is never an excuse to be a sloppy mess. Since I wore this on my mother's birthday, allow me to say that the first woman I remember watching was her. You see, when you are 5 years old, your mom is simply immaculate. She is a goddess. (PS: my mom literally is one) So when I watched her dress up in her chiffon blouses, European designer bags, high heels and perfume, I was in awe. When I watched her put on makeup while driving and always with a steady hand even if we were going 90 kilometers/hour, I did so with this childlike notion. She was and is my life peg. As superficial as this may sound, I am an advocate for injecting a little bit of glamor into your daily life. I support glamor in all forms. I think that people should dare to care about the little things as well (which most forget to do). It is part of confidence actually. You have to know that you are an inimitable person. Celebrate the fact that you are a woman and present yourself in such a way that you are indeed enjoying. Be fully alive, even when you're sad. Take every day as a challenge and be your own heroine. This is, after all, your story and you do not need to be saved by have to save yourself. Take a break and do something that's incredible lazy, selfish and self-serving every once in a while. You will get burnt out if you don't. Be mysterious. Keep a secret or two or more. Let people take care of you but know you take care of yourself better than anyone can. Do not keep people who are emotional crutches. Find a suitable black dress. Do not show all your cards. Be endearing but at the same time inexplicable. Be tough and tender. Don't worry about social media; everyone always puts their best face forward there anyway. Treat the people who take care of you with care. Realize that you are doing fine even if reaching your life goals is still on the wait list of things to do. Do other things in the meantime. Most of all, have hopes and dreams. But always always have a well anchored foot in reality. 


Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL 

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