Feb 18, 2014

Thanks For The Memories

I turned 27 last week and this was what I wore. I know, I know...one would think that at 27, I would be over the poufy and fluffy princess dresses...but who gave that rule out anyway? My philosophy is: wear what you want to wear and make absolutely no excuses about it. Besides, what is a birthday celebration without some sparkle and shine,right? So here I am, dressed in pink, tulle and bejeweled accents with absolutely no regrets. I will continue to wear absolutely anything I want to, no matter what age I am. No apologies, no explanations and no regrets. Isn't life more fun if you see things in that point of view?

And what is a birthday but a crucial day in anyone's life to celebrate the gift of being alive every year? I for one, am appreciative of having the chance to have another year, another day, another minute to be alive and do the best I can with the cards I have been dealt. I love this particular quote by Isak Dinesen who said, "You must not think that I feel, in spite of it having ended in such defeat,that "my life has been wasted here" or that I would exchange it with that of anyone I know." This is one of the most inspiring sayings I have encountered. This is also why whenever someone comments or tells me on my ask.fm "that they want to be me" my immediate response is "Strive to be better, be yourself." We may always think that the grass is always greener on the other side but if we continue with this way of thinking... how will we ever open our eyes and appreciate what we have?

One of the most important aspects of my life is that it is my life. No one else can live it exactly the way I am living it. I see everything that happens in my life as an opportunity for learning. Often, I find that the moments of frustration most likely turn into moments of joy and creativity. We have 365 days to live our lives and be who we are. Celebrating one's date of birth is such an extraordinary experience to look back and truly feel that we can celebrate our life- all of it. Viewing myself turning a year older and hopefully wiser is also a way of returning to my spiritual self to pave the way to a path of appreciation. The thing about birthdays that we often do not realize is this: "We have the opportunity to walk the path of appreciation today, and hopefully every day. It is not possible that our lives have been wasted. Defeat is not a waste unless we turn it into waste."

 Jewelled Tulle Sweetheart Cut Dress: Romwe.com | Silver Mirror Boston Bag: Christian Dior | Crystallized Silver Pumps: So! Fab | Gem Metal Cuff Bracelet: GoJane.com | Glitter Silver Hair Bow: Forever21 | Jewelry: My Collection

xx, JL

On that note, I have to give praise and give my hands down RAVE reviews to Black Sheep Restaurant at the Penthouse of The W Tower. 
They served such a succulent degustation menu for me and took intoconsideration all my allergies. I have nothing but rave reviews for this place!!!
A Special Thank You To Kato (my boo who is celebrating her birthday today! FEBRUARY BABIES ROCK)  for arranging this for me and to Rafa for entertaining us that night!

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