Feb 27, 2014

All Worked Out

 One of the by-products of living and working in a crazy situation is that my tolerance for insanity increases exponentially. I must admit that my ability to discern what makes sense and what doesn't becomes significantly impaired. For instance, when those around me continually exhibit bizarre behavior, I begin to question my sanity... and that coming from one who graduated with a degree in Psychology is pretty alarming, even for me. I know I am not insane.(although a morally and literally bankrupt tree hugger claims I have 'psychological instability' when she has no right to diagnose me since she never assessed me. Add that to the fact that she's one to talk- given her major depressive episodes, her never ending issues, her delusions of grandeur and emotionally instability... as relived and relayed to me by more than 5 people.)  Okay, my situation is insane, and we become progressively crazy as we try to adjust to it. Robyn Davidson said, "If, as someone had said, '...to be truly civilized is to embrace disease." If this is true and to be truly civilized is to embrace disease, maybe we need to take a look at what we have defined as "civilized". More and more, drama after drama and issue after issue, I have come to the conclusion: I am not crazy - it's just that my situation seems to require a crazy person.

This is a backlogged post since I just remember I've yet to post this outfit which was casual but a bit on the preppy side. I have been quite busy and just had to sneak in some required doctors' appointments just to I don't lose my head (or my heart) with all that I have been up to. I have to admit I can totally relate to this quote by Tory Amos- "I usually get myself into situations that cause sparks. I mean I am a girl that likes the storms. I love feeling alive, I love walking out in the cold in my bare feet and feeling the ice on my toes." A bit masochistic, I must say... although I do have to agree that I love feeling alive... even if my hyper-adrenalism no longer needs me to be as exhilarated as I usually am, I find that it is the craziest situations that I am most pumped up. I love the challenge and the pressure and the time constraint, much to the extent of my health which is probably why people are requiring me to take calming medication because I am usually always so revved up. Besides, being thrown in this whole industry and relationship status I live in requires one to always be on their toes. It can drive one to the brink of insanity but to be able to cope, one has to understand the ramifications of choosing to love how we live. And as with every rush of exhilaration we experience, comes the inevitable crash... and then on to the next wave of crazy. It's a cycle that goes on and on and to stop means to give up on living. In so many ways, it is a beautiful kind of pain.

Sweater Cardigan Top Layered Over a White Shirt: Chicnova.com | Skinny Denim Jeans: Mango | Monogram Shimmer Comete in Silver: Louis Vuitton | Oversized Sunglasses: Mango | Pearls: My Collection | Shoes: GoJane.com

Now on to the outfit... Since I was going to get a refresher and sometime to rewind and have my way of thinking aligned, I might as well do it in style. This time in a classic gray sweater layered over a white shirt and skinny jeans. The finishing touch to this piece would have to be my bag (a new Louis Vuitton purse my mother gave me) and the layer of pearls on pearls on pearls. One wouldn't suspect the tidal wave of chaos I am going through because physically, I know I do not look the part. I guess it somehow balances me out. I mean I have long since accepted that bad things are a part of everyday life (and I know some people have not come to realize this yet, and to these people I say: you're a lucky lot), so perhaps the next best thing to do is to put my best stiletto-wearing foot forward, face the day and the dilemmas and cause sparks while doing that.

xx, JL

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