Feb 14, 2014

Summer Calling

This is Part Two.
You see, most people, I realized, love to welcome their birthday with a bang--- usually via a celebration/party of epic proportions wherein one can rarely hear another without having to scream. I don't hold contempt or disdain over celebrating one's birthday like this because I used to be one of them... but I guess I grew up and decided to veer away from it. So this year was all about zen and self-reflection. Inevitably, when you start at 18, you've got a lot to work out of your system... so here I am, more mellow than ever. I find that solitude is such a blessing! Everyone needs time alone, and I am glad I got to spend time alone on my birthday over at the beach, which I will always consider my escape. Often, I find, we are fearful of time alone, because there is no one for us to encounter but ourselves! How much like returning home to an old friend or one's beloved after having been away too long visiting places that felt foreign and unfamiliar. Our solitude is one of the pleasures that only we can arrange. It is up to us to see that we regenerate through our time with ourselves. We have the right, We have the power. And if we do not model respect for our own need for solitude, others will never learn that they too deserve their time alone.


My advice is to take a break, a refresher and some time for yourself to reboot.  Let ourselves remember that we have the right to create a space of solitude for ourselves... if only to enjoy the soothing sound of waves softly crashing against the shore in the background.

xx, JL

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