Feb 24, 2014

...And She Was

Everyday is a beginning and I recognize that now. I consider each day as a gift despite the fact that I am facing a day I have been dreading. And with the gift of having another day to hustle, comes along my ability to make the most out of it. I take nothing for granted and no matter how hum-drum the day will be or how hectic it is... I represent. (Now that sounds like some hip-hop statement...) But to make it clear: I love to present myself well since I never know who I might meet or come across. The day I wore this outfit was a particularly hectic one. It's Prom/ Graduation Ball season and along with that comes my second busiest time of the year, catering to clients, sourcing fabric and making dresses... all while preparing for my busiest season- SUMMER.

  It's crazy but I love it. I put as much dedication to everything I do, especially for prom and ball dresses where I pour out my hard work, creativity and energy to because having been a young girl before... I know how important this occasion is. As with most young girls, past and present, I know for a fact that the event basically is all about the dress. This is why before I create anything I want to make sure it is something that represents this ideology and of course- that it satisfies the expectations of the girl who will be wearing it. Anything I personally won't be proud to wear is something I will not make or release. I think that in a sense makes my creative process more personal. Granted I have probably 100 yards of fabric on my mind (not counting bead work, lace and embellishment), I have to be as mobile and ready to go on the days that go along with the busyness. I do consider that as a fashion blogger, it is also important that I represent myself to everyone in style... even on a bad day where I have barely time to chew my food. It takes commitment but it's good practice in marrying style and function. This particular outfit is very very easy to wear and at the same time, I was one proud person wearing this ensemble especially since two of the items (key pieces) of the look came from my FOSSIL, Dominique who gifted me with this lovely Bershka skirt and of course, my favorite birthday present ever- red Chanel espadrilles that I have been lusting over for quite some time. 

Basically this look is a mixture of print on print which I don't usually dare to do, but I was in the mood of pushing my luck that day and somehow I think it paid off. There is nothing like a great outfit to get you inspired and ready to conquer and that was exactly what I felt I was doing. 

Tribal Print with Red Trim Blouse: Zara | Ethinic Print Quilted Black and White Skirt with Red Floral Detail: Bershka | Chain Sling Bag: Chanel | Red and Blue Espadrilles: Chanel| Red Button Down Shirt Tied at the Waist: Zara

Hair Extensions: STYLD.Extensions 

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The reason why I never complain of work despite all the stress it comes with is the fact that I can say that I love what I am doing. Now that is a slippery slope if you don't set your limits. Sometimes, I am so immersed in what I am doing that I almost forget to take care of myself and even on few occasions, feed myself. I am quite obsessive about the things I do...to the point I cannot stop until it has been completed. I can be so into what I am doing I tune everything out, and that causes strain in my relationships- to myself and to other people. Rebecca West once said, "It is the soul's duty to be loyal to its own desires. It must abandon itself to its master passion." I have been able to observe on first hand basis that many competent people have a difficult time distinguishing between passion and workaholism. When I hear the emerging concern about the lethal effects of compulsive working, I almost always asked myself (or justify myself): "But what about being passionate with my work? Are you saying that to be passionate about my work is to be a workaholic? But I don't want to give up my work."

Many of our role models for success are people who are willing to be devoured by their work. See, this is why it is all too confusing ti us. True passion and doing what is important for us to do- does not require us to destroy ourselves in the process, In fact, it is when passion gets distorted to compulsivity that it is destructive. We need to set things straight. I know the difference now and allow me to share it to you: My PASSION feeds me. My DOING TOO MUCH devours me. There is a great difference between the two.

x, JL

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