May 22, 2013

Wild Hope

I was a daydream
Quiet and unseen
I lived in stories but inside I kept a mystery
I was a starling
Nobody's darling
Flying in perfect circles just for company
And now I'm ready
And now I'm ready
And now I'm ready to be extraordinary

A midnight airplane
A window glowing
I know I am another sparkle in the sky
I shine on copper
Still undiscovered
But you might see me in the corner of your eye
And now I'm ready
And now I'm ready
And now I'm ready to be extraordinary

Studded Army Top: Zara |  Tanktop: Topshop | Belt: Chanel | Bag: Topshop | Gold Denim Jeans: Zara | Bag: Topshop | Necklace: +RUCKUS | Shoes: Zara | Sunglasses: Michael Kors

I have been doing quite a lot the past few days and in every measure of the word, this is how a Casual Friday outfit literally applies to me. Granted the only thing casual about this look is the fact that I am wearing jeans, despite the fact they are gold, they are still ultimately jeans. I can't help it. I reckon I have no time to obsess about every single outfit and at the end of the day, when one is set out to conquer the world, despite being in casual wear, a touch of military elements always help. What can I say? Life is a battlefield.

 One of the things we lose when we do too much is perspective. So the saying goes, "Little things mean a lot," especially when we focus our attention on them., obsess and ruminate about them and ultimately, can't let them go. Sometimes we just keep out minds turning disturbing thoughts over and over, believing that we wil surely figure out some solutions if we just thing about them long enough and check out every possible angle. Personally, I think we should just quit obsessing and live by the "Don't sweat the small stuff" (as cliche as that sounds) school of thought.

Because, when we engage ourselves and indulge ourselves in such behavior, it is a sure sign that we are thinking ourselves to death. When we do this much obsessing, we end up losing perspective. Suddenly, we become the center of the universe, and one's problems are the only problems that exist.

This is why, it always helpful to take a step back and realize whatever problem it is that we are having is not of universal proportions. this perspective and seeing things from this point of view helps us realize that we are powerless over our crazy thinking and that at the end of the day, all it is making is our lives a lot more insane. At this point, hopefully, we can get back in touch with knowing that there is a power greater than oneself that can restore sanity, fix the chaos and leave it at that... and then we just keep going... It always helps to consider things in another way, from another point of view... trust me on this.

xx, JL

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