Feb 5, 2013

Save The World

Turn the crowd up now
We’ll never back down
Shoot down the skyline
Watch it on primetime
Turn up the love now
Listen up now, turn up the love

Who’s gonna save the world tonight?

 Dress: Topshop | Sequined Cardigan: MAFIA Clothing | Shoes: Glitterati | Clutch: 37La | Bib Necklace: +RUCKUS | Cuff: +RUCKUS | Watch: O'Clock from Terminal Inc.

This was my outfit for one of the FEW nights out I had when I watched Swedish House Mafia with friends which was a blast, I have to say, even if I only really knew two songs from the trance group. 

I wanted to go all Sexy House Mafia, which resulted to a black and backless theme along with my style twin, Kato who like me, glammed it up for the night out. The Little Black Dress (and this one, trust me was quite tiny) is my ultimate go to choice for any night. It's safe, versatile and fun to dress up and accessorize. 

Going on a night out... what to say--- It was a nice change although I did feel that I wasn't quite used to the lifestyle... what can I say? Maybe once in a while. Only.

Lipstick: Model's Own in HOT PINK Shade from The Make Up Hub

Now let me discuss a topic I have always been meaning to, ever since hating on me seemed to be the norm rather than the exception in my life: That of HATING, CONTROL and ARROGANCE. 

Marianne Moore once said, "The passion for setting people right is in itself an afflictive disease."

Maturing and having experiences make us tend to develop  an edge that can be cutting at times. Let's face it, when we feel so tired, strung out, and pulled in so many directions, we start to get ragged around the edges without even knowing it. I am no exception. But as I was able to realize, which some people have yet to learn is that meanness and mean-spiritedness are good warning signs for myself to notice that I am becoming a person I don't like or want to be.  It's good to take notice, I have to say. Because sometimes, even one's attempts at humor can become mean-spirited.  When this mean-spiritedness occurs, we aren't funny, we are cruel. 

  In this day and age we live in, where everyone seems to have an opinion about everything, most people often think that it is their right to set others right. After much gathering of information (often one-sided ones), and acquisition of knowledge (which is biased at best), some people have really come to believe that they can and do know what is best- and have no difficulty sharing this important information on anyone who will---or sometimes, even will not---listen. I mean, some of us (myself included), even get paid for knowing what is best for others and setting them right. Now reading it, ugh, it doesn't look so good on paper, does it? Perhaps people forget to look at their arrogance- even if it is benevolent.

We live in a society of "experts" and people looking for experts. Unfortunately, the two groups fit together quite nicely. Also unfortunately, the fit never works. The dysfunction causes problems on both sides. The "fixers" really want to have the answers. They love the glow of being the "expert" and most do sincerely want to be of help. The power in the role is quite seductive, especially when so many are begging for them to have the answers. The "to be fixed" desperately want to believe that someone- anyone- must have the answers because they know they don't. And, what a risk it is to be responsible for themselves when they are so sure that they don't know what they need to know.

And so the dance continues

xx, JL


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