Feb 19, 2013

Life's Too Short

When it doesn't rain it snores.
Yes the cookie crumbles but in who's hand?
All things said and all things done,
Life is short

Top: Zara | Pants: Zara | Shoes: Online | Bag: Hermes Birkin | Sunglasses: Prada

.... And so, I am blonde!!!! I wanted to try a lighter hue for my hair for Spring/Summer and given that it is a new year... why the heck not, right? I want to see if blondes have more fun... and so far... so good. I have to say. 

I was having a patriotic mood for this day so I went all red-white-blue with this outfit which I absolutely had a great time wearing as the contrasts of the colors- of light denim and of fire engine red brocade. I admit that I see my style consistently evolving as of the recent time. I am becoming a bit more adult, more classic and more mature with my outfit choices which I have to thank the two most elegant girls I know- my best friends- Kato and Dominique whose style choices have been rubbing off on me, immensely. Now, I see myself more covered up, more conservative and less whacky... which is good, in light of the changes I am undergoing in my life which involves being more empowered, knowing exactly what I want and where I see myself and of course, being responsible for my actions and decisions. I learned that CHANGE IS GOOD and GROWING UP IS EVEN BETTER.

On that note, let me share a quote by Katherine Mansfield that goes, "Make it a rule of life never to regret and never look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy; you can't build on it--- it is good only for wallowing in."

What I did say and emphasized numerous times--- is that when I cut, I cut cleanly. It's really all about never looking back, and keeping on moving forward. Looking back and regretting are of course, very different from making amends, taking stock, and moving on. When we look back and regret, as I realized, we are indulging in the self centered activity of beating up on ourselves over the mistakes of our past. And as self-absorbed I do admit to be, I would have to say I would rather not engage in such a destructive activity.

All of us made mistakes. I am probably the first person to always admit to mine. When we have operated out of the craziness of trying to be so much, we realize we have done more harm to ourselves and to others. We have neglected ourselves. We have neglected those we love. We take things, moments, people for granted. That is the nature and a sad side effect of doing too much. But again, we can't really build on shame, regret or guilt, now can we? We can only wallow in them. Admitting your wrongs, making amends to those we have wronged and also making amends to ourselves when we have neglected caring for ourselves is the best we can do. And then we move on.

xx, JL


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  2. Your new locks definitely suit you better!


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