Sep 11, 2012

How Soon Is Now?

 Vest: Estelle from Zalora | Dress: Zoo Shop | Necklace and Bracelet: Mademoiselle by Tish | Bag: Gucci | Shoes: DAS
To hope and dream is not to ignore the practical. It is to dress it in colors and rainbows.

"When I am hassled about something, I always stop and ask myself what difference it will make in the evolution of the human species in the next ten million years, and that question always helps me to get back my perspective."
-Anne Wilson Schaef
I'm obsessive and a control freak- I love to knitpick and go into the details. This is a great skill especially for work and more serious activities but sometimes, it's better to NOT sweat the small stuff.
My way of thinking is always "Little things mean a lot," especially when I focus all my attention on them, obsess and ruminate about them and refuse to let them go. Sometimes, I keep turning disturbing thoughts over and over in my min, believing that I will surely figure out some solutions if I just think about them long enough and meticulously check out every angle.
Engaging in this kind of behavior is a sure sign that you are thinking yourself to death. When you obsess you lose perspective. You suddenly become the center of your universe and your problems, seem to be the only ones that exist. It always helps to step back and realize that whatever problem you are having is probably not of universal proportions. This perspective helps one to see that they are powerless over the crazy thinking which is making your life insane. Sometimes in search of an answer and in doing, thinking, saying too much, one of the things we lose is perspective. 

Just a simple and relaxed outfit for a Sunday night out I had to be dragged out of bed by my mother, brother and S-I-L Domz to go out (as I was being such a hermit lately) for mass, dinner and a movie. I've been bitten by the lazy bug, I must admit- what with all the trauma and mind boggling predicaments I have placed myself (or rather have been placed) in. In summary, I was lazy, coerced into departing my bed and in no mood to have fun. The cure for that was simple...dress up. You may feel crappy and defeated on the inside, but the whole world doesn't necessarily have to witness that. Which is why even on a lazy dress up day, you can expect me to still put effort in my look.

My favorite key item in this outfit is this racer back dress from Zoo. I love the racer back cut. I think it was every fashion designer's gift to women's shoulders. And if you're like me, who works out and lives the gym life, it's a great opportunity to show that off. It's not bragging. I mean if you've got it, flaunt it.


Read about Zoo below and check out how lovely the dress is (PS: it comes in different colors too)

xx, JL

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