Sep 18, 2012

A Stroke of Luck


“The wishes might not come true the way you think they will, not everything will be perfect, but love will come because it always does, because why else would it exist and it will make everything hurt a little less. 
You just have to believe in yourself.”  

Sweet Sorbet.

Top: Zoo | Shorts: Apartment 8 | Shoes: DAS | Bag: Gold Couture | Sunglasses: H&M | Bracelet and Rings: Cultus Chi Chi | Collar Necklace: Loco Hermosa

Falling in love with pastel all over again, as I wore this sorbet inspired mint green and coral hued ensemble. It was a very casual look, especially for me but I wanted to be able to move while visiting the hospital for a few of my post-surgery consultations and a quick run for errands and some shopping in between. It was a full day and wearing something very comfortable and moveable was definitely a plus. 

I have always been in love with matching mint and coral. It is one of the most favorite pairing of colors, for me. I was so happy I got to wear that in this outfit and rock it at the same time with coral hued shades, necklace and clutch bag to provide contrast to the very beautiful almost sheer chiffon blouse with cut out arms details. 
Makeup: all from MAC
Lipstick: Watch Me Shimmer
Eyeshadow: Bang On Blue, Shimmermoss and Blue Absinthe 
Blush: Peachy Keen and Dolly Mix
I felt  very comfortable in this look and I had so much fun in it, especially because I got to wear my DAS chiffon heel-less shoes which matched the color of my blouse to a tee.

I had so much fun in the outfit, and as you can see, I did spent a significant amount of time taking photos in it! Hope you like it!!!


xx, JL


 What I'm wearing:

TANSY Balloon Top with Cutout on Sleeve

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  1. Can you share your skin care routine? Your skin looks so nice.


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