Jul 10, 2011

On the floor: Topshop x Preview Party

Live your life and stay young on the floor.

(Leather Corset: Glitterati | Skirt: Glitterati | Hot Pants: Topshop | Purse: Chanel | Shoes: Soule Phenomenon)

This was what I wore to the Preview x Topshop Party over at Opus in Resorts World. The invite called for LONDON CHIC as its dress code. And well, I didn't want to go all Miss Selfridge and plaid so I decided a formal version of "London High Street" was the safest route to go. The outfit has two elements--- first, the Rihanna-esque leather cropped corset from my brand, Glitterati + the zippered hot pants from Topshop (hey, it's a Topshop party, so what the heck, gotta wear the brand somehow right?)... These two items are the "street" elements of the outfit... it's clubbing chic, London style, or at least I'd like to think so. The second part, is that it I wanted my look still very "classy" and "toned down" so I added a sheer high waisted maxi skirt as additional coverage (I didn't want to go all leggy that night) and paired with my Chanel 2.55, it made the outfit take a more formal elegant turn.

Who says you can't have the best of both worlds?

Scroll down for some PARTY PHOTOS...

The makeup and hair was recycled from a shoot I had earlier for Look Magazine. The Team was amazing, I managed to stay fresh and fab until the wee hours!

Now here are some photos from the fab night... I'm sorry but the photos don't do justice to the dancing, bumpin' and grinding that night... CRAZY!

Still very tame with my BFF, Nina Estacio

With makeup artist extraordinaire, Pong Niu

Yes, we cut our bangs by ourselves....


Wait, N...it's a Thursday!!!!

Then it gets weirder...and wilder...
With the ultimate dancing sensations, Sidney and Gretchen

At this point, we took the song literally..
If you go hard you gotta get on the floor
If you’re a party freak then step on the floor
If your an animal then tear up the floor
Break a sweat on the floor
Yeah we work on the floor
Don’t stop keep it moving
Put your drinks up
Pick your body up and drop it on the floor
Let the rhythm change your world on the floor....

Meeting "On The Floor"

The night is young and so are we... but let's go all out tomorrow...

So we called it a night.... CAN'T BE TAMED TRIO THURSDAYS
starring JL, Nina and Enzo

xx, JL

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  1. you have the sexiest most glamorous party outfit. :) you look so pretty dear! :D

  2. this is soo beautiful!!!! waahhhh <3

  3. I love your make up here - so fresh and so natural! :)

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