Jul 11, 2011

Back to the 70's: Coco Banana..The Preview Ball 2011

Freak out. Le Freak. C'est chic.
(Sequined gown: Glitterati | Shoes: CMG | Purse: Chanel 2.55 Reissue | Flower accessory: Carolinas)
Hair and Makeup by: Victor of Franck Provost

Preview Best Dressed Ball 2011.
Theme: Coco Banana/ 70's chic. Venue: 7th High, High Street, Fort Bonifacio

Basically, three words can sum up the entire night... LAST FRIDAY NIGHT. (Cue in song by Katy Perry....TGIF!!!!) Second night of dancing like cray cray and literally breaking in my dancing shoes (It couldn't handle the dance moves of Sidney Yap and the gang, it gave up). Everyone looked amazing that night..I love the '70s and I am seriously wishing everyone else still dressed as glamorous, gypsy-esque and retro chic as they did then. It was definitely an amazing decade and a great theme to the festivities of the night.

I had a million pegs to choose from- I, being the anal control freak I am, decided planning for this occasion was essential. Seriously, my OCD when it comes to fashion and dressing up is on steroids and you'd understand if you had a peek on my journal. I'm not really the get out of bed, get dressed kind of person. I make the effort. And this is where Google, and an ultra chic fashionista mom who lived in the 1970's as a teeny-bopper comes in. I considered Abba, Bianca Jagger (an ultimate style icon of mine), Charlie's Angels, Annie Hall, Anita Pallenberg, Cher or Jerry Hall. But ultimately, I stuck with the two best I could think of.. Elvira of Scarface (even if the movie was shown in 1980, Elvira's style had all elements of the 70's era) combined with Ali Macgraw's signature big flower in her hair. Yes, I realized, decades before Carrie Bradshaw popularized the Rose broach, someone has already done it, which is in fashion ALWAYS the case. And so it was set....

Here's a shot of my inspirations for the night....

...and here are some party photos....


The banana leaf! Grabe maka eksena!

BFFs: SBs are back! Back with a vengeance. I love N!

Pretty in Plum: Purple Princesses- Me and Preview Editorial Asst. Anna

The Masters of Disasters: Sidney and N

I've been posing this way so the flower in my head can be seen. My neck hurt the next day.

Diana Ross was there? or Dream Girls?

Enzo and his awesome paisley tie, N in mesh and Jed in "the scarf"
Power couple, third-wheeling with my BFF N and Jed.


  1. WOW JL!You look like a floral goddess in this outfit! One of your best outfit ever!!!!

  2. LOVELY!!!the gold makes everything pop!

  3. Stunning as always. Your best outfit in a while :)

  4. JL gosh, you look gorg. Love the look you chose for the preview party :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. You look gorgeous! Love the dress on you and how you styled it!

    Loves, Txo


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