Jul 24, 2011

Holy Roller Novocaine

(Blazer: Bright Pink Button Blazer from Zara | Skirt: Zara | Tanktop: Zara | Lace Chemise: Mango | Shoes: Zara |Purse: Louis Vuitton Murakami | Scarf: Hermes)

A blast from the past outfit I totally forgot to post... It's pink and orange and bright---how could I have possibly forgotten right? Suffice to say, I refuse to have this outfit buried in My Pictures album, archived and never to be seen as it is one of my favorite summer looks ever wherein I decided to play up more on the COLOR BLOCKING TREND by using neon brights in hues of pink and orange. I love neon highlighter-ish tones and this outfit is just such a bright and shiny look, it definitely made me visible and stand out from like a mile away.

I wore it to the Transformer 3 Movie screening (I'm not big on technology, I buy my gadgets based on how "cute" they look so I never related to the sci-fi flick) which I watched with a group of friends (CORE GROUP RULES)... I guess the outfit brought out the bright and shiny in me as I was quite HYPER and extremely HAPPY the whole time I wore it. Just goes to show, what you wear can totally color your mood sometimes.

xx, JL

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  1. love the color combi :)

    melai of style and soul

  2. I always find hot pink & orange are such fun colors. And I agree on the colors you wear can make you feel happy the whole day =) Love the blazer!



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