Apr 10, 2014

Denim Jean Girl

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, renowned for her "The  Five Levels of Grief and Loss", also once said, "We cannot find peace if we are afraid of the windstorms of life," and what an absolutely wonderful thought! I remember that particular saying when I decided to let it go and allow my life to unfold as it happens...and when things don't exactly go my way I always just try to hold on- Ride the storm, life goes on. You see, I have experienced life in such a way that I know that our lives don't always go smoothly. In fact, many of us have had traumas and struggles. When we are in the midst of a difficult time, it is hard to see it as a gift. Nevertheless, at some mega-level, every experience is an opportunity for learning. When we spend our energy blaming and complaining, we are handing over our power to those whom we blame. Our time and energy is well-spent when we stop to say, "What is my part in this situation, and what have I to learn from it?" In doing this,we are not blaming ourselves. We are not blaming at all. We are opening ourselves to the glean whatever learning is there for us and it is in this process that we become whole.

We have to realized this as a fact: Power over others does us no good at all. Owning our own personal part is the most effective method of recapturing our personal power that is known to us as a human.

The two important things I did learn were that you are as powerful and as strong as you allow yourself to be. ..and that the most difficult part of any endeavor is taking the first step, making the first decision.
- Robyn Davidson

That being said, I believe that anyone who is able to say this has undergone somehow the intensity of the circumstances under which one is one has gathered these leanings make them even more profound. What if each of us believed we are "as powerful and strong" as we allow ourselves to be? Can we say for a fact that we have an idea of how powerful we can really be? What if we quit trying to be accepted by everyone and gave up trying not to alienate anyone and just let ourselves be as strong and powerful as we are? Nothing extraordinary, mind you, but that which is just as wonderfully powerfully as we naturally are. And what if we let ourselves take that first step toward what we really want? Nothing big...no fanfares... but just do it!
I've decided to center on this particular topic since all to often, left and right, I hear people complain about practically almost everything in their lives. I am not saying the people can't be enraged, angry or sad about the circumstances in their lives. They can. Even I sometimes wallow in my sadness. However, we should not let the sadness take over our lives completely because we end up jaded, disillusioned or angry. Obviously, that is not a life anyone would want to live. There was once a woman I talked to who said that she experienced living in the process as akin to jumping on a cliff. Sometime, after making that statement, she related a dream (which I was shocked because I knew that dream all to well) in which she had come to the edge of a cliff and was very fearful of something coming up behind her. If you are a bit on the neurotic side, I am sure you would recall having such a dream more than once. In the said dream, she said she felt she had only one positive choice- to jump off the cliff, which she did with great terror. She suddenly was aware of a wonderful floating feeling: she realized she was safe and floating comfortably. 

Personally, the endings of my cliff jump dreams don't go as well because I am always jolted to waking up because I feel myself crashing to the ground. I don't know but perhaps unlike her, I am still struggling with letting go of control and subconsciously, taking that leap equates to a very tragic end which for me means that I am still not ready to let go of that yet. I am a work in progress but I do know I will get there. Someone once said, "To believe in something not yet proved and to underwrite it with our lives; it is the only way we can leave the future open." I know this to be true. For me though, the issue wasn't always about the jump but rather the fall. "Leaving the future open" may be one of the most important commitments we make with our lives. Believing in something proved may just be believing in ourselves. The thing is, we never know what would make good parachutes. But when one is leaving the future open, it helps to know that THERE ARE PARACHUTES (not of our making) in our lives.

Denim Button Down Top and Denim Boyfriend Jean Pants: Mango | Brown Belt: Chanel | Brown Birkin Bag: Hermes | Shield Semi-Sheer Eyewear: Tom Ford | Linen Denim Blue, White and Beige Tote: Cotton On | Watch and Bangle: Charriol | Assorted Midi Rings: Pretty Little Blings

Makeup and Hair: Klick Victoria

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