Mar 6, 2013

Mad About You


Hair accessory: Topshop | Clothes and Shoes: Zara | Bag:  Braun B├╝ffel | Pearls: Mikimoto

Feel the vibe,
Feel the terror,
Feel the pain,
It's driving me insane.
I can't fake,
For God's sake why am I driving in the wrong lane

Trouble is my middle name.
But in the end I'm not too bad
Can someone tell me if it's wrong to be so mad 

about you

Among my favorite movie quotes comes from the Little Black Book and it goes like this:

Question: How does a girl who falls no, actually she jumps ... Eyes open, down a rabbit hole, plummeting into chaos come out the other end unchanged? The answer. She doesn't. See, I know, because that girl is me.

I have always complained endlessly that life (not just mine) is filled with DRAMA--endless and continuous drama that basically sucks out all the energy from you. With the slew of controversies added to "and so the plot thickens" climactic events I have gone through, heck I probably deserve to have my own soap TV show or a reality show at least already but then again, when I woke up today--- I came upon the realization that---THINGS ARE FINALLY LOOKING UP and the drama that once was there is fading away--and while I am still waiting for the next big tsunami of trouble waiting to splash on my shore (I am a pessimist, I can't do anything about the glass half empty thing) -- 

I can't help but smile....

Since despite the turbulence and the series of unfortunate events I went through for the past nine months (from frenemy feuds to two surgeries, to demonically possessed psycho ex-girlfriends and equally evil pseudo-friends who cheat, backstab and put me and my friends and most importantly, my family down... to endless in and out hospital stays wherein I was, more than once, wished death and also, doubted regarding my procedures).... and trust me, that's just the TIP of the iceberg.

THE SILVER LINING, and trust me, THERE IS ONE is that:

I EMERGED UNSCATHED, and fine, maybe A WHOLE LOT WOUNDED but still IN ONE PIECE courtesy of my support blankets and my energy channels who never failed me (not even once)--and a special mention or enumeration of such people would be not necessary... you all know who you all are. 

I did not come out unchanged--because I did---although because of the special people I have in my life--- hopefully I see I changed for the better. And I am so happy that my good luck streak is finally starting... I have still more reasons to celebrate my life but I'm keeping mum about it....for now.

"I believe we write our own stories. And each time we think we know the end - we don't. Perhaps luck exists somewhere between the world of planning, the world of chance, and in peace that comes from knowing that you just can't know it all. You know, life's funny that way. Once you let go of the wheel, you might end up right where you belong."

xx, JL

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