Oct 8, 2010

Trip through your wires...

In full fledged girl scout mode, I decided to have a cute tough chick take on the military trend with this outfit. I've built it around the olive green skirt..which was a great find from Forever21, considering I've been on the hunt for the perfect army green skirt. It was a tad bit too big on me, but the belt (which comes with the skirt) fixed that somehow. I decided to layer mesh under a gray tanktop to achieve the bulletproof metal mesh effect, which was quite popular especially in the Medieval times. I was already on the army road, why not add up a bit of history right? The two layered tanktops were so perfect for my mesh shoes...which made the outfit a bit more consistent and put together. Finished off with my dogtag necklace which is seriously the only accessory I need for all my military looks! (I know I've used it soooo many times already but I love it that much!)

Hope it worked! It was a great way to forward march every once in a while....


  1. i'm not really into army green, but i love this one on you, JL! i love that you always think up a different theme to your outfits!

    boat ride through the sky

  2. amazing necklace darling!!!!you're always woonderfull :D

  3. Love the army green color on you!! you look amazing as always


  4. Love your shoes!

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  5. Absolutely amazing look! I love the necklace, skirt, bag, bracelet...etc. etc. etc. Gorgeous makeup as well, you look brilliant overall (:

  6. hello joanna! <3
    you are so gorgeous as your dress! youre stunning! <3 im a new follower. visit my blog if you have time.

  7. Great style , awesome look, nice combination with the lovely purse and the bracelet . Always cute !

  8. perfectly put together. <3
    tried on the same skirt at F21 but decided not to get it, and now, it's quite a regret that i didn't. boo.

    i'm seriously loving your blog and looks. more power!



  9. i have no words for how much i love your outfit. :]

  10. love everything about this outfit! the necklace is amazing, and the skirt is so pretty and totally versatile as well. :)

    xxx Charlie


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