Oct 7, 2013

High Voltage

Mesh Sports Bra Top: Forever 21 | Mesh Net Skirt with Neon Piping: Forever 21 | Ankle Strap Shoes: Pinky Toes | Watch: Terminal Inc |Book Clutch: 37LA

I have been going to the gym for about 3 1/2 years now. It is a lifestyle I choose to have. Making a choice to prioritize my health and fitness has been, I have to say, one of the smartest moves and decisions I have made. I love working out. I love channeling all my troubles, frustrations and stress in the weight room. Suffice to say, lifting, ultimately lifts me higher...it also lifts what bothers me away. However, sometimes, physical ailments prevent me from being able to work out. This was one such week and being the gym junkie that I am, I was running out of ways to relieve my stress of not being able to work out. This, I believe, was a great motivation for my outfit as I seem to have channeled my frustration there and decided to wear a sporty gym-worthy ensemble for my FOSSIL Dominique Tiu's birthday celebration over at Pablo's. The most asked question of the night was: "Are you wearing a sports bra... like legit?" The answer was "yes" and even I am apparently able to surprise myself with how my subconscious works.

People frequently ask me if I ever went through a quarter-life crisis. My answer would be, granted my condition, I think the more appropriate term would be mid-life crisis, and the answer is a definitive yes. I think it is a normal part of growing up to question what one is doing. I've done that perhaps and more... it's just that most of the questions I had already had present answers and they usually came in the form of, "No,you can't do that...your heart..." How absolutely frustrating but I was able to cope. The key is acceptance and making the best of what I can actually do, despite it being very limited. Now when asked if I am at a place where I want to be, my answer would be: "I am comfortable with what I am doing, and I'm accomplishing something, and well, that's important in the greater scheme of things."

How wonderful it is to feel comfortable with what we are doing. No fuss, no muss---just feeling comfortable! Realizing that wherever life has placed us, we can accomplish something and that it is in the accomplishing something in whatever setting one finds oneself that comfort and serenity emerge.

Perhaps we had dreamy notions about who we would be, where we would be, and what we would accomplish. Dreams are great--- as long as they do not remove us from our reality. When we use our dreams that way, we lose. We imagined ourselves with lots of children, we could only have one. We imagined ourselves as a doctor, and we work in a store. We imagined a big house and an easy life, and we find ourselves having to work to make ends meet. We imagined a lifelong partner, and we have none- at least yet- oh,well. It is all so frustrating when you think about it isn't it? When you start obsessing about your dreams, and realize how far reality is from our expectation, the tendency is to fall into a deep depression, and when you do not stop, you keep sinking deeper and deeper into it.

There is much serenity that comes from accepting life on life's terms. Then, we can look around us, see what is there, and make our contribution... our full contribution with what is available. That's accomplishing something. At the end of the day, our greatest achievement may be to be comfortable with what we are doing and to accomplish something. As simple as that.


The Italian watch that has taken Europe by storm has arrived in the UK. O clock watches are designed & manufactured in Italy & the brand already has something of a cult following in Europe.
The brilliance of O clock lies in it’s interchangeable concept. You not only build up a collection of practical, functional & aesthetically pleasing watches, the interchangeable faces & straps allows you to mix & match your look depending on your mood & your outfit. Other designs include some fabulously unique Disney designs for the adult market – original sketches of favourite characters. O clock is so much more than just a watch – it is also an object of design that is constantly pleasing to the eye. You will feel equally happy wearing this watch on the beach or in the office. The watches are extremely comfortable to wear, made from hypoallergenic silicon & come in three sizes. They can be worn loose like a bracelet or with a tighter fit.

O clock Disney comes with its own collectable tuna-tin and are still as interchangeable as the rest of the range. So Minnie can look just as at home in the red strap as she does in the white, or you can rock goofy in a slick black strap. The only limit is your creativity!!
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xx, JL

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