Sep 29, 2014

On Neutrality, Nuances and Nuisances

Apparently neutrality is a concept that is too impossible for most of the population to understand. So I guess, if the world isn't ready for it, I might as well take it out on what I wear... I know I've been donning more than the usual neutral wear but be assured that if you were to look closely, there is still some variety and nuance offered in the pale hues I have been sporting. This time, it's been all about my beautiful new Givenchy Antigona which was perfectly matched with this sporty watercolor shirt I blatantly asked my mother to have since I love the detail and the colors (yes, when I want it and have to have it, I take simple as that. I've always been a fan of playing a word game so for this post allow me to address: neutrality, nuances and nuisances. Allow me to dive deeper into this topic by addressing three things you don't always have to have: a side (to address neutrality), a disregard for the subtle differences that exist (to address how important considering the nuances) and an agreement (which for the past few weeks I personally find to be such a nuisance since I am far from privy to the idea of a mediation of any form happening and I will explain why.)

Sep 25, 2014

A Better Version Of Me

Lately, I've been more than busy as I have decided to get up and go to the office and work from there. I once heard this popular saying that goes, “Find something you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life” and I now that I am finally part of the workforce, I have a deeper understanding of this saying. Well, aside from the fact that I absolutely do enjoy going to work and of course, what I do, I am also quite happy to be also challenged to dress up more creatively. I never quite got it then but my outfits have always been more loud and playful even when I was in my early twenties well much into even after I turned 25. I guess that's what having your own business and being your own boss is all about: the perks. Eventually though, I had to outgrow that stage. My friend, Jamm, told me a few days ago that she has noticed that my outfit choice and style has metamorphosed into a more mellow and neutral palette... I must admit I have been going for less loud color schemes and more structured and architectural silhouettes and I didn't really think anyone would notice it because I was actually doing it on purpose... but hey, it worked apparently as it was pretty noticeable to the people around me. I grew up... my outfit choices grow up with me... but that doesn't mean you would be spared the shock of an altogether different look. As I say, my style is very bipolar and hypomanic but also, the things going on in my life play a great role in how I choose what to wear.  Now that I am experiencing how it is like to be part of the workforce (even if I am Executive Director, I am still answerable to people) and find the need to perform. Given that, I have been choosing ensembles that are more appropriate as office attire as I think how I carry myself in the office also represents the organization I am in. I think that it is all about the entire package when I get into something. I don't quite understand the concept of half-baked.

Sep 24, 2014

Not another teen queen in bubble gum pink

I know what everyone is thinking with this outfit at first glance. I actually taught it myself when I saw myself in the mirror. The bubble gum pink statement sweater + the pleated cheerleader style miniskirt = the outfit of the teen queen in most H.S. movies and of course when you think of H.S. teen queen, I think Regina George from Mean Girls is the first character that comes to mind. It might be that I am 27 going on 28... but I feel this strange need to dress up as fun and as young as possible the past few days because I can still get away with it. Besides, what is fashion if not fun? Sometimes, one has to take a whimsical outlook too when it comes to dressing up... So I wore this to the much-awaited for Manila Sundance Bazaar over at Metrotent, Ortigas.

Sep 22, 2014

White Out

White on white is a very difficult outfit to wear. I know because there have been many times I have tried sporting this look and failed. Apparently, as with life, you can't help getting dirty or soiled at the end of the day. Circumstances make it almost impossible for us to remain clean and pure... in fashion, these may come in the form of accidentally grazing your outfit against a dirty pavement, spilling a beverage on your outfit or if you're really unlucky, accidentally blotting a pen on your clothes (and I think the common consensus on this is the stain of a pen is the hardest to remove on white clothing). In life, there are so many events and circumstances that we have to face which requires actually getting our hands dirty and I guess remaining untarnished and unstained is a privilege most of the population is granted (myself not included). However, I got to thinking and told myself, "what the heck," since we are all just winging it, I might as well try. I have always believed in the whole what you risk reveals what you value school of thought and I think I value learning very much so I decided to risk going white on white and go all in thus the outfit. It was a particular rainy day when I wore this (talk about wrong timing right?) but I was shocked to see that as the day ended, I was almost practically unscathed except for a few minor dust marks which could be easily erased... nothing permanent enough actually.

Sep 20, 2014

They don't call it "fall" for nothing

There is always so enticing about fall colors that I like. To be honest, I am not a fan of the weather but I do like the whole situational dressing involved in the new season. I am a fan of the colors and I think that definitely shows in this outfit which involves elements of a few of my favorite colors including cobalt blue and wonderful hues of beige and brown. I have been waiting forever to wear this outfit. You see, I bought it last year and it was just forever hung on the rack of clothing I have already matched and paired. Unfortunately, some clothes were prioritized and this ended up on the back burner of the rack. By the time I realized this outfit existed (yes, it is a very dire situation) it was already almost summer so back to the rack it went. Since it is appropriate to wear now, I knew I had to wear it. I paired it with my favorite beige cape (not seen on the photo) as the weather was quite harsh then but had some time to take some photos of me in this luckily. Don't get me wrong, I am lamenting the return of the -ber seasons. A new season always brings in new hopes, new expectations so I always make it a point to take time and smell that musky scent of earth after rain (it is referred to as "petrichor" I think). It's true that like all good things (aka. summer) must come to an end. And after all, "they don't call it fall for nothing."

Sep 17, 2014

Sweet Little Something

 There are times when I like to keep things simple yet feminine and fun. The wonders of dressing up in a monochromatic outfit are endless and it is all about in how you embellish. This time, I decided to keep the otherwise basic look more flirty and girly by adding a hint of blush tones because if anything- I am a girl's girl and well it seemed appropriate for Sunday dressing. I have to admit, there are some days that I feel just BLAH and that is when I have to remind myself that I have to be grateful. You see, as easy as it may be to point out every last thing that you currently do not have, there is ALWAYS something to be appreciative of. A lot of the time, we desire luxuries, situations, finances or people we can't have, completely forgetting about all the treasures we've been granted in life. Even I am no exception when it comes to this. There just some days you are tired and frustrated for no other reason except that you aren't feeling so well. Things to be grateful for having aren't always physical objects. While getting something you've been yearning or saving up for may be great, you simply cannot hold, text and download apps on a loving relationship with your Mom and your Dad, and having good health isn't shiny with nice rims on it... yet it is still most certainly worth being very thankful to have. There is nothing more  disappointing than losing something  or someone you have taken for granted and realizing then that you didn't appreciate every single moment you had it/them. This is why on days that I don't feel my usual cheerful self, I go back to this thought and get up, get dressed and try to be fabulous... there are so many things to be grateful for...and even I need to remind myself that... On days I feel like that, I put on a basic top, a good skirt, great shoes and a good bag and then I go ornamental. I think that's the first few steps in trying to go along...

Sep 15, 2014

On Standards, Taking The Stand and Standing Up For Yourself

"I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to wish for a perfect life. The things that knock you down in life are tests, forcing you to make a choice between giving in and remaining on the ground or wiping the dirt off and standing up even taller than you did before you were knocked down. I'm choosing to stand up taller. I'll probably get knocked down a few more times before this life is through with me, but I can guarantee you I'll never stay on the ground."
 -Colleen Hoover

It is a popular saying in fashion that every woman must dress like they are going to meet their worst enemy. I never really made sense of that and I never found any reason to believe in that. Now that I go to court for hearings, it still quite doesn't make sense to me. Probably because I never really dressed up for anyone other than myself. Simply put, I dress up for me but with the consideration that I am appropriate enough to make an effort to show the people who I am meeting that I respect them enough to have come up with a well-thought of outfit and not be sloppy. Don't get me wrong, I am always appropriately dressed for almost anything as the occasion calls for but I don't really put into consideration what other people will think when it comes to what I want to wear. I am an advocate of "situational dressing." But that is about as far as it goes for me. Personally, I dress up for a said situation/occasion the way I want to and the day I wore this outfit was dedicated to all-white and powder blue, which to me was inspired by a very cool and calming color palette which was the complete opposite of the events that were to transpire that day. You see, I had to take the stand.

Sep 13, 2014

Some Infinities Are Bigger Than Other Infinities

“We think of infinity as a really big number, but it’s not. It’s endlessness. Endlessness is a really strange idea in a universe that is defined by its endings.” 

-John Green

 The title is a no-brainer actually and I have to mentally slap myself for not being more creative. However this quote does come from one of my favorite books and happens to be my favorite quote from said book. (Cue in the discussion on how obsessed I am with the concept of being "infinite" I had to tattoo that in my left wrist as a constant reminder.) Anyway, for obvious reasons, I used this title because it holds true to the post...add a few words, subtract some letters and well, it's almost perfect because in reality... some infinity (pools) are bigger than other infinity (pools). I don't know if my infinity pool is bigger or smaller than your infinity pool but since I am in one, for this moment, let's just pretend I am infinite in an infinity pool. I am rambling, I apologize. But I always loved the concept of an infinity pool that looks like it's spilling out toward the sea. It is an illusion, I know... but sometimes, illusions are good too. I remember Lauren Zimmerman once saying, "You do not exist to serve the illusion. The illusion exists to serve you," and this illusion of the infinity pool definitely served me and my wonderful "illusion serving one piece swimsuit" which I love mainly because I designed it and my design philosophy is, if it's not good enough for me to wear, I won't sell it. It's as simple as that. 

Sep 12, 2014

For Those About To Rock (I Salute You)

"When anxious, uneasy and bad thoughts come, I go to the sea, and the sea drowns them out with its great wide sounds, cleanses me with its noise, and imposes a rhythm upon everything in me that is bewildered and confused."

-Rainer Maria Rilke

Imagine yourself on a beach, near a cliff and taking a photo...when a strong wave photo bombs you...and if that wasn't bad enough, it also drenches you completely. Suddenly, all you can taste and inhale is sea water and your clothes are completely soaked. This basically sums up my experience in shooting this post. I wanted to show the diversity of styling swimsuits and be creative especially when it comes to covering up so I veered away from the usual and safe coverups and risked it... I wanted to make Palazzo pants happen at the beach so I wore it as my cover-up instead and it was fun and flattering and I love how its wide legged design was so perfect as it swayed in the sand. I always loved wide legged trousers as they are a more risque version of maxi skirts and they're not too constraining. As you know, when it comes to swimsuits, my philosophy is the more itsy bitsy it is, the better. That is one of the tricks to achieving a longer torso and if you are lacking in certain assets (like me), use this trade secret to your advantage. I always loved the design of the Infatuation bikini from my brand, Glitterati and started with it in basic colors. As the years progressed, it was still in demand and I got the liberty of adding more embellishment. This year, I wanted a more animalistic theme so I used snakeskin printed fabric which makes it in so  many levels more alluring and enticing. This is one of my most favorite bikini cuts... tan lines aside.

Sep 10, 2014

The Perfect White Tee

"I've always thought of the T-shirt as the alpha and omega of the fashion alphabet."

-Giorgio Armani

Didn't he say it best? From one closet essential to the next... (this is becoming a trend already) but here is yet another post on one of my closet staples which is the plain white t-shirt. It is just absolutely a MUST! I can go on and on and on to tell you ways to wear it and I probably won't run out of styling tips because it is THAT essential. No matter what, every girl has got to have the perfect white tee and it is here to stay. The search for it isn't as easy though since it has to fit you perfectly. Thankfully, I was able to discover a brand that provides exactly that- called Sexy White Shirt and everything about it is just amazing: the fit, the sizing, the quality of the fabric... you've got to trust me on this... I am obsessed with it so much that I even styled it in such a way that I made it appropriate for the office. Yes, for those of you who don't know, I now go to the office and work as the Executive Director in one of my dad's companies. No, it is not an "ad hoc" job where it is simply a title I was given since I'm his daughter... the thing about my dad is he expects much so I actually have to work hard for the company and go to the office and attend to important matters. 

Sep 9, 2014

An Ode to the Little Black Dress

"One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” - Karl Lagerfeld

 The Little Black Dress is the most appropriate piece of clothing a woman can ever own. I say this because truth be told, here I am in another Little Black Dress. The last I wore one, I was due for court. This time, however, I worn one for a very festive occasion which was the Birthday dinner of my beautiful and amazing mother over at Sage in Makati Shangri-la Hotel. I wanted to wear something that looked festive but at the same time maintained the elements of class and elegance and this dress was the perfect fit. This dress in particular which was made of tweed on its top area with a conservative cut and silver detail was exactly that and then it took a youthful turn to fun with the organza and almost tutu looking skirt. It was everything I pictured to wear on an intimate dinner with family.

Sep 7, 2014

One Hundred Tears To Solitude

“Things have a life of their own," the gypsy proclaimed with a harsh accent. "It's simply a matter of waking up their souls.”

- Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude

When you are on top of the world and when everything seems to be going your way, the warm sun hits your shoulders just right. Worries, fears, neuroses are carried away with the wind at your back as you exhale like me in this case and I was able to take in the serene ocean view. The ordinary and mundane became extraordinary and as with this photo, colors appear more vivid, the world was more wonderful and the sounds of nature is more melodious. In this photo of me in the beach (inspired by the amazing Nicole Warne), you can see the color in every shot... every thing looks so alive. In these small moments everything is good and right in the universe. In this moment, I actually believe that nothing can ever bring me down. Of course, that would be easy to say granted that I am in my most perfect environment: by the beach, eating fruits and watching the waves crash on the shore. Granted I am also lacking some articles of clothing as it was appropriate for the environment, I felt that I didn't have to try at all... there was no fussing or fretting about whether my clothes fit me alright or if I wore the right shoes for my outfit. Surprisingly, I find myself in such an incongruous situation: here I am, a fashion blogger who preferred to be in less clothes!  Well, at least on the days I am out of town and where it's appropriate to be dressed this way. I've always been a walking contradiction but I guess that stems out from the fact that I know what I want and who I am and nobody can dictate me to be something else. There are days, like the day I took this photo, that I needed to be alone and far away from all the things and people just for a while. I find myself enjoying taking breaks such as these. I am at the beach, it is not summer and it is a weekday. I have no one to impress and I have no one to answer to. In this moment, I am purely just me.

Sep 4, 2014

Dancing in the Sun

Another series of my life is beautiful posts...I am sorry if I keep on harping about it that it almost seems like an advocacy but the one most true and honest thing about me is that because of decisions and changes I took for my own well-being, I ended up in this place where everything I see is quite extraordinary. To best describe it, allow me to borrow from a song, "I see life and light... All the colors of the world... So beautiful... Won't you come with me?...I see birds and trees... All the flowers of the world- So beautiful... Won't you come with me?" and aren't these words the best way to describe this very nature themed shoot and look as inspired by how beautiful the landscape was that surrounded me. This is one of my most natural blog posts to date... I have no extensions, my hair is just unkempt but tied up and I have little to none makeup. Allow me also to mention I have no accessories, save for this pretty Birds of Paradise flower and am in my favorite Mandals. Of course the coordinates I am wearing, provide to be the perfect clothing as well as they are very muted and simple. Do you get the dalagang Filipina vibe in this look? I sure do... And just to prove my point, I do not have to be fierce in every single outfit post. Sometimes, I like to just be carefree and as a reminder: laid back doesn't have to translate to sloppy.

Sep 2, 2014

This is letting go

It's time to let go. Who has heard this from someone who cares for them? Who has said it to someone they care about? I am sure at one point in anyone's life, they were on both the receiving and sending end of this saying. The thing with letting go is that most of the time, it is easier said than done. Somehow, we are wired to hang on to things even if the only thing keeping us from falling to the inevitable is the fact that we are hanging by a thread. Then it breaks and we are left with no choice but to stop hanging on... it's always better to jump than to free fall because at least you have control of the former. The thing is I have spent most of my life heavily invested on this idea of control that it is hard for me to let go. I think I need to fix things and handle things even if they are beyond repair. My least favorite feeling in the world is powerlessness and being "out of control" is never an option for me especially since I realized at a young age that I have terrible coping mechanisms. It doesn't sound easy and it is not in any way a fun life. However, recently, I have been aligning myself and putting things in perspective... I've realized that to avoid stressful situations and major diva-style meltdowns, I need to be more flexible, more capable of going with the flow and of course with that comes the ability of learning the art of letting go.

Sep 1, 2014

Postcards from Heaven

I lean against the wind, pretend that i am weightless and in this moment i am happy.

If you currently are not happy, it might be time to ask yourself what it is that is stopping you from experiencing happiness at this very moment? Well it's not all about throwing a forced smile (although based on my experience, that's not a bad start), however, where would you begin when attempting to get yourself in a genuinely happy state of mind? These were the thoughts going on in my head as I was sitting about 2,500 feet above sea level on that cool, overcast but absolutely calm morning as I just sat amongst the clouds (a past time I enjoy) and just had to clear my head and be as they say "away from it all." To begin with, I had the laid back look perfected: loose over sized knit sweater, ripped boyfriend jeans, appropriate mandals (and do not get me started on the woven hat over my head which I rarely wear unless I need my thinking hat back on, which is what this hat is...) The look is so coordinated and coherent it practically makes me look like the poster child for self-reflection which isn't always a bad thing but as I said, there's more to me than that and to borrow from Ani Di Franco, "I am a poster girl with no poster, I am 32 flavors... and then some..."