Oct 24, 2012


Below is my UNOFFICAL STATEMENT on the events that have unfolded in the past weeks. I will be posting an OFFICIAL STATEMENT after legal consultation, and as long as it has been lawyer approved, I will release all names.

After careful consideration, and weeks and weeks of silence after being given so much to handle, here's what I know: PLC were responsible for tweeting me the nasty "I hope you die" tweets ...a day before my major surgery. I know this because L came clean about what she did and admitted to it, thinking it wouldn't reach me.

The now defunct twitter site with username: MANILAMANILAXOXO have been making these claims, two days before my operation:


I also know they  instigated the whole "your sickness is fake," "you're addicted to drugs"
"you're anorexic", "you should OD and die on the operation table." As well as the delicate info about my family, the "you're not really rich" and "you didn't graduate with so and so honors" based on their troll account's tweets--- Tweets that one of them confessed to have participated in. I have an eyewitness who can testify to this. Slam me with libel, and I'll fight you-there is nothing libelous about my claims. And bonus, I do not find the need to hide behind anonymous to make such ridiculously fabricated accusations. Since we're at it I will slam you with a reckless endangerment suit. Something I am sure you know you are guilty of (ie.wishing someone's death publicly and tagging them before they undergo major surgery?) Seriously. How in-compassionate & cruel are you? Animals have more compassion than you do. 

The same things are being said about me in that dlistburnbook.webnode.com site, dlistchismis or dlistburnbook and faultinourchot twitter accounts, so you decide and figure the puzzle out. It's not like what was revealed were things I didn't already hear from you. As I told you, again and again, "tell me something I didn't already hear." Dig deeper, I am surprised there are some things you haven't unraveled... probably because back when I was your friend, I neglected to confide in you about such things.



As for me, I am certain as to who you are and I am telling you to stop it. I have tried to be as diplomatic, as nonchalant and as unaffected as possible, I have stayed quiet when something was said about me and my loved ones. But there is so much one can take. I took the high road and that obviously did not stop the abuse, so allow me to simply blow my top off and use all my resources to shut you all down. You wanted a mean girl? Well here's one.

 Stop posting or creating troll accounts or I will slam you all with lawsuits including all those involved in it all (those who instigated, insinuated, accused, followed, tweeted/retweeted). This has gotten out of hand and say what you want to say,I have all the proof I need to bring this petty pathetic (for lack of a better term, ridiculously stupid and in my legal team's words: petty, hilarious and high school-ish) non-issue to court. 

As for passing the blame on ME, of all people, you already laughed at my sickness and kicked me when I was sick (do you need proof for this?)... so it does not really surprise me why I am your exit strategy once again. I do not deserve that- I think you've outdone yourselves in your production. Say more and tweet more-I will sue you for all you are worth.

As for being top of the industry, please take the crown. I don't want it, I never will, if that means I turn out to be nasty, deranged and delusional people like you all. If you want more insight with regards to this topic, please read Konichiwear's well-written blog on the Misconceptions of Being An IT-Blogger on this link: 


Real people have REAL problems to handle, maybe you haven't been given a major issue to deal with that was life or death, which is why you think you can stir up these totally stupid ones. Don't get swept up on your ridiculous world and open your eyes. You are the mean bullies. I have no words for people like you and unlike you, I will never EVER hide behind troll accounts to make my point come across.

PS:  As for those who took advantage of me and used me, then bullied me in that FAULTINOURCHOT account, I saw, I screencapped and I know who you all are. Kicking a fallen horse and for what- personal satisfaction, an exit strategy, to add more drama to the production? So someone can take the fall for this circus show? Well show your face to me, and I will tell you EXACTLY what I think of you after what you did... Time's up!

Please help me report said twitter accounts.

Update: As of now, 10/30/2012 All Accounts have been deleted (save for the DListburnbook twitter account) including the Dlist Burn Book blog that was hosted on Webnode. I will not be linking any other blog listing/ blogspot account implicating other people as I do not believe in defaming people and I will not support anonymous tips and sites. But as I always say, I take things at face value and believe in facts. As for my opinion with regards to the identity of the real person being unmasked by Dlistburnbookend, I will not release any statement regarding that as of yet. 


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